#16 - How to get prepared for flexible work + over 20 podcasts to listen to (part 3) ⋆ TechPixies

#16 – How to get prepared for flexible work + over 20 podcasts to listen to (part 3)

A lot of the women who come through our programme have been on a career break and are looking for more flexible work on their return. It’s great to see these ladies taking the time out for themselves to upskill in digital and make sure they are work ready for their return!

We know that improving your digital skills is not only good for the workplace and your career but it is so important for confidence. In our TechPixies Confidence Gap report, we found that 45% of those surveyed said that a career break had damaged their career. We can do better than that! It’s all about preparation and getting yourself ready!

Here’s some ways to get yourself ready for flexible work:


There are a heap of amazing podcasts out there. So guess what, it’s another list! We’ve started a podcast list for all things we love here at TechPixies HQ. They cover careers, women in business, flexible working and everything in between. BUT we want you to start adding to the list, so GET IN TOUCH.

923 Jobs

Alright For A Mum

Amy Porterfield Online Marketing Made Easy

Badass Women’s Hour

Being Freelance

Conversations of Inspiration – Holly Tucker

Ctrl Alt Delete


Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Elizabeth Day – How To Fail

Get It Off Your Breasts

Get What Your Want

Hashtag Authentic – Sara Tasker

Mary Portas – Work Like A Woman

Nicky Raby – Dreaming and Doing

RISE by Rachel Hollis

School For Mothers

Scummy Mummies

Show Me The Way

Squiggly Careers

Ted Talks Business

The Diary of a CEO

The Flexible Movement

Get your CV up to scratch

Spend the time refreshing your CV. If you are returning to work from a long career break, consider how to articulate this. Employers will want to know an explanation for the gaps in your employment, but there’s no reason for this to be negative, in fact, it’s your opportunity to spell out what you have been up to. It’s your chance to include any relevant experience or (if there isn’t anything relevant) why not list out all you have been involved with. Watch our TechPixies CV webinar, with Helen Wright from 923 Jobs, on top tips to structure your CV and really sell yourself.

Salary v Freelancing

Don’t forget about our PRO RATA CALCULATOR. It will help you work out the salary equivalent of freelancing so you can see what option is best for you!

Keep going!

So you’ve got the list of job boards, Facebook groups so it’s now time to start applying for roles. Just remember to keep going! The first door you knock on might not open, but don’t let that stop you from persevering. It’s all about how you visualise your future. Don’t let that image out of your sight, keep moving in the right direction, hold fast and your time will come to SPARKLE and THRIVE and be the success you want.

Put in the time now to prepare yourself for what you want. There’s no reason why flexible work can’t be achievable.

Looking for Flexible Work?

Discover the 3 Secrets to finding flexible work you love in 2021

Find flexible work you love by shifting your mindset, improving your confidence in your tech skills and exploring your options.

(Even if you feel like a tech dinosaur and aren’t sure where to start)