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Keen to know how to get started on Instagram?

We all know that showing up on social media is the best way to connect with your audience, but where to start? What should your bio say? What should you post? How often?


We hear you! It’s why we’ve done the leg work for you and created an awesome step-by-step Getting Started Guide. This super handy guide will walk you through EXACTLY how to get started on Instagram, and, even better, it’s yours for FREE!

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The winning businesses receives funding (interest-free loan), coaching from SheEO Development Guides, and support from SheEO’s global community to grow their businesses and impact, so if we were lucky enough to win we could impact so many more women.

SheEO Activators can vote until Sunday, 30 January at 11:59pm GMT. Links in Bio!

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“Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.” In the words of David Bowie, changes have pretty much been guaranteed ever since Insta dropped its 9 little squares on our screens.

But there were so many in 2021, it was like 🤯; just when we thought we had ourselves sorted with one feature, ✅ along came another to rock our world.

We have been kept on our toes with a few handy pointers from Insta’s big cheese Adam Mosseri @mosseri (go and check out his feed if you haven’t already). But, there’s really only one person we want to help us make sense of all that Insta has in store this year – our resident Insta Ninja, Sophie Bradley @sociallysophieb.

Fortunately, she’s on the Sparkle and Thrive Podcast this week with all the hot happenings on the platform in 2022, getting you up to speed on everything from Insta’s new Affiliate programme to the changes coming to the feed (it seems it’s time for a rewind, people! ⏪⏪⏪).

Check out the episode 🎧 Link in Bio 🎧, and then let us know what changes you’re most excited about in the comments. 👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿

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Fear. Oh, it’s a pesky little so-and-so, isn’t it?! Lurking around the corner waiting to pop out and say ‘BOO!’ 😱 when we least expect it; making our heart race that little bit faster when we’re psyching ourselves up for our BIG moment. 😰

Except… have you ever noticed just how similar fear feels to nervousness or excitement?

Choosing how you react to fear is something @techpixiejoy is discussing in this week’s episode of the Sparkle and Thrive podcast. And because this emotion plays a massive part in whether we take action on our dreams or not, you need a few tricks up your sleeve to deal with it.

🌈 So tune in for this final part in our special dreambuilding series to hear why fear and its best bud failure are far from something you should be worrying about (no scary monsters are waiting to jump out from under your bed here, promise!). In fact, these two f-words are actually prerequisites for achieving your biggest dreams.

🙌 Because the content of our life is our curriculum. 🙌

Find out more by hitting play now 🎧 link in bio!

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Are you interesting in creating a course this year? Perhaps you want to package up your knowledge into a coaching program?

So much has happened over the last two years to change the landscape of online business and communication, and there are definitely some key lessons to learn and some super effective strategies for both selling and delivering digital products like courses, memberships, and coaching.

Join Membership Expert Stu McLaren as he shares 5 Course and Membership Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2022 on January 13 at 3 pm ET.

Stu will be sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the shifts happening in the marketplace and how you can future-proof your business for not only this year, but for years to come.

Whether you’re selling a course, membership or coaching program, this will fundamentally change the way you think about - and design - your online program.

Link to get your free ticket is in our bio!

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We're so excited and we definitely can't hide it! 💃 We are thrilled to welcome Vee Roberts, of @insight2marketing as our new Facebook coach 🎉 Vee is a sought after brand and marketing speaker and consultant. Having started her business on just £100, she's now a multi award winning mumpreneur of 4 with a reputation for getting results. She supports business owners with their marketing strategy. Please all join with me and give Vee a big TechPixies welcome 🤩

#womeninbusiness #socialmediamanager #socialmediatips #facebookqueen👸

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Today, I am doing a little experiment! I am cutting an apple in half, and putting each half into a glass jar. I’ve named one apple ‘good’ and one apple ‘bad’.

Everyday, I will speak to both apples (for at least 21 days). I will tell one apple it is lovely and one apple that I don’t like it. We will see what happens.

I am hoping it will be a very powerful demonstration of the effects of words of life vs words of death!

Great to see so many of you on the live! Loved rocking my new Scottish earrings from @kingstondoula and my new #highlandcow head wrap from @petrina.booth while sipping my @pukkaherbs which was a lovely present from @katconwaywrites!! I got spoiled this Christmas!!!

I also recommended 2 books… @jofairley’s book that she wrote with @craigsams called ‘Green and Black’ about how she band Craig built @greenandblacks (I sent a copy to everyone on my leadership team) AND of course, The Alchemist (by @paulocoelho). One of my annual favs which I sent to all of the team members at TechPixies. If you’ve read it and want to listen to a great follow up podcast, I recommend the @oprah interview with Paulo on her @supersoul podcast from 2017. Brilliant!!!

Have a fab Sunday!!!

#TechPixies #bebraveandsparkle @techpixiejoy

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Uncover the 2nd key to DreamBuilding 🗝️

How many times have you gone to do something that’s a little bit challenging only to decide that the kitchen floor needs a mop? 🧹

How many times has that big and scary something been shot down by that annoying little voice in your head? 🧠

Or perhaps something has felt SO BIG and so scary that you’ve gone into full-on fight or flight mode.😰

Well, my friend, welcome to the 3 Ds – distraction, dissuasion and Defcon – which (shocker, we know) are actually good news! 🤯

Yep, when those 3 Ds show up, you can be sure that you are heading in the right direction, which, when you’re trying to realise your dream, is pretty fab news indeed.

Learning about the 3 Ds is just one of the many nuggets @techpixiejoy drops in this week’s episode of the Sparkle and Thrive Podcast. And there’s more in store!!!

Check back next week for the final part of this special DreamBuilding series, and don’t forget to grab yourself a spot on our next live Vision Workshop. It’ll be the best three hours of your life… and it’s FREE! 🌈 Link in the Bio

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I’m ready for 2022! Are you? Did you set a New Year’s resolution or some 2022 goals?

I am writing a book in 2022 and I asked our podcast listeners and students what they would most love for me to write about.

“Ask me anything,” I said.

Sooooo many great questions coming in.

For example…

Where would you like your business to be a year from now?

How can I shift from being a thinker to a doer?

How do I start journaling?

How do I pick a coach or a training programme?

How do you work Christianity into your life?

How do I live my dreams and boss social media?

What small steps can I take everyday towards what I would love?

How do you keep motivated when it gets boring?

How do you shift from employee to CEO mindset wise?

How to overcome self-doubt, procrastination, and imposter syndrome?

Do you have a question for me? Drop it into the comments ⬇️

#techpixies #bebraveandsparkle

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