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TechPixies has been named a WINNER for Digital Course of the Year in the inaugural DigitalWomen Awards.

The DigitalWomen Awards in association with Natwest Business and the Federation of Small Businesses celebrate women working in digital and digital business from their amazing community and beyond who are doing the most incredible work in the digital space they operate in, those who are making the right moves and going beyond and above what is usually expected. The awards were open to women working in digital and entrepreneurship and entrants go through a rigorous judging process by their esteemed panel. 

2018 Startup of the Year



2017 Female Startup of the Year


2016 Women’s Champion


2016/17 ‘Grow it’ Award


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Well it’s not pink but it is close!

Breast cancer affects ALL of us. I have too many friends, family and @TechPixies who have been hit by breast cancer.

The @LondonMarathon was my 3rd marathon, but the first one I ever ran was in Boston and I ran it for a friend’s aunt who was a breast cancer survivor.

One thing I wish we could resolve in this country is how you can get a mammogram easily. After the death of a high school friend and the seriousness of another friend’s diagnosis, I tried to get checked (voluntarily and willing to pay) and wasn’t able to get through. When I did get though, I was told that there was no precedent for voluntary self-paid mammograms.

Women in the UK are not entitled to them until the age of 50!!!!!!! Unless of course there is an irregularity.

Breast cancer is the 4th most common death for women in the UK and 1 in 5 women who get it in the UK are under 50.

In Northern Ireland, they have a programme called @actioncancer. Action Cancer’s mobile resource centre, the Big Bus, is sponsored by @supervaluni and its independent retailers.

Each year, they bring its services to over 235 locations across Northern Ireland, including workplaces, schools and community groups. We don't decide on our own location schedule, but instead rely on these partners organisations to host a visit.

The primary function of the Big Bus is to provide digital breast screening for women aged 40-49 and 70+. They also offer M.O.T. health checks for men and women aged 16 and over. Every year, the Big Bus provides approximately 5,000 breast screenings and 4,000 MOT health checks within local communities.

I would love to see something like this come to England and have had a vision to make it happen one day. The seed has been planted!

I also want to thank @savetherhinointernational for letting me join their running team this year. I am looking forward to continuing to run for the next 12 months to raise money to save the lives of Rhinos and their rangers, who sadly die protecting the animal they love. To follow my journey... pop on over to @techpixiejoy.

#breastcancerawarenessmonth🎀 #wearitpink #TechPixies #bebraveandaparkle

We are so excited about our brand NEW CPD module on Strategy being released today. This module is packed full of amazing resources for our students to use.⠀

🎯 5 Steps to help you leverage social media to get what you want⠀
🎯 The power of branding, scraping and pre-scheduling⠀
🎯 The TechPixies 'Magic Strategy Formula'⠀
🎯 TechPixies Client Onboarding Checklist⠀

We are super excited for our @techpixies students who will be embarking on this module for the first time. It comes at the end of 5 learning weeks across all social media platforms. With daily live teaching from Joy🌟 we can't wait to get stuck in and bring all the last five weeks of learning together. ⠀

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to set a strategy, know how to implement the skills and then be able to see the amazing results. Being able to leverage social media allows businesses of all sizes to reach their goals 🎯 🔥⠀

#TechPixies #BeBraveAndSparkle⠀
#socialmediastrategy #socialmediatraining

This week, the 15th October, was ‘Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day’

TechPixies is open to women with children and without. We know that not every woman is able to have children and many who are able have lost them.

One of our new @TechPixies team members, Chaela Hall, made these amazing candles @newrivern22. I lit 3 in honour of one particular woman in our group who has lose 3 angels over the years but I know that they represented loss for more than just one woman.

If you have suffered the loss of a child in pregnancy or infancy or even later in life, or have suffered the inability to conceive... please know that we ❤️ you. We see you. We support you.

The long-anticipated new CPD Pinterest Foundations Module is LIVE! We are so excited for our TechPixie students to get involved and immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Pinterest. ⠀

If you have not (yet) signed up for our Free Training to learn more about the power of all things Social Media and Tech skills then there is still time. Just go to the link in the bio ☝️⠀

For our TechPixies students, this week will be all about the 'pinning perfect' world of Pinterest. ❤️📌💃⠀
Did you know that Pinterest is not Social Media but is the ONLY visual search engine (and the third largest search engage after Google and Youtube)? We have lost count of the hours we have spent scrolling through endless beautiful images on Pinterest. But they are not wasted hours – we have planned new interiors for our homes, saved pins ready for Christmas shopping, collated ideas for the dreaded homeschooling, found inspiring book lists, signed up from fab resources and redesigned our whole veg garden. However, most of all we have found brands that we would have never heard of through a normal google search.⠀

It can be hard to explain Pinterest, it’s still an unknown (and very untapped) beast for most people in the UK. Most are familiar with a personal account, but few businesses are fully utilising Pinterest, so why should you be on Pinterest?⠀
📌 The average useful lifespan of a Tweet is measured in minutes. Facebook posts exist in news feeds for a few hours. Want to take a guess on how long an average pin can remain relevant? Not minutes, not hours, and not even days. We’re talking about MONTHS.⠀
📌 It drives consumer purchasing behaviour. Pinterest is a product review, shopping catalogue, tester, and advice column all in one.⠀
📌 Pinterest pins are worth more than Facebook likes. Consumers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to actually purchase than those referred by Facebook.⠀
📌Most importantly for us, Pinterest is all about positivity, did you know that 90% of Pinterest users say that being on Pinterest is a positive experience which enhances their life. So what are you waiting for?! ⠀

Dive in and let us know what you think! #TechPixies #BeBraveAndSparkle

We’ve got that celebratory Monday Feeling again! It’s Twitter time, not Chico time! And we are super excited to announce that our New CPD Twitter Foundations Module has gone live today. ⠀

It is filled with amazing information, with all the latest updates about Twitter. It’s time to learn how the algorithm works, how to tweet properly, how to engage, how to grow your following and Community. It is time to learn about how size really does matter on Social Media, knowing image sizing is key! 😉⠀

We are super excited for our September 2020 Cohort who are going to be embarking on this fantastic journey into the world of Twitter for the first time. We are super excited for our future TechPixies who will come on this magical journey into the world of Social Media.⠀

On top of learning about Twitter, everyone will be working on their mindset with our wonderful Life Coaching Team. We know that in order to develop your knowledge and skills it is so important to invest in self. ⠀

Our Life Coaching and Social Media Coaching Team, our Founder @techpixiejoy will be by your side to guide you through and provide you with the knowledge, skills, motivation and positive mindset to complete the Social Media Magic Course.⠀

So go forth and enjoy the New CPD Twitter Foundations Module, Enjoy the Life Coaching Sessions, Enjoy the Social Media Coaching Sessions, Enjoy being a part of a strong, positive, diverse and thriving Community. ⠀

You are going to smash this, you really are! Enjoy investing in you, because this is what you are doing and this is what you should be so proud of. This is about you, your dreams and finding a way to achieve them. ⠀

So let’s raise a glass 🥂 and do the @techpixies dance 💃🏽 to each and every one of you. Here's to you returning to work or changing careers or starting up a business and becoming financially independent. Here's to all women having this opportunity to #sparkleandthrive.⠀

If you would like to Supercharge your Social Media Skills with @techpixies then pop to our 👉Bio and click on the link for our Free Training which is starting Monday 12th October. ⠀

#techpixies #bebraveandsparkle

Oh Yes! It's here! Our New CPD LinkedIn Foundations Module is Live! We are super excited for our September Cohort 2020 TechPixies and our Future TechPixies who will be getting involved in the fabulous world of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn offers a professional platform for those looking to network online. It is a great platform for any professional individual, whether they have had a career break, or decided to run their own business, or want to return to work.

Fun Fact: We have a student who is a Doula who trains Doulas… she actually finds that LinkedIn is a better place for her to be than the other networks because she trains women professionally.

So it is time to learn how the algorithm works, how to search for a job, how to post properly, how to engage, how to grow your following/connections, learn about your analytics and so much more. It is all completed by a fantastic quiz for each lesson to ensure you feel confident with your learning and so you can gain your CPD Certificate.

On top of learning about LinkedIn this week, you will also be working on your Mindset with our wonderful Life Coach. We know that in order to develop your knowledge and skills that it is so important to invest in self, which is why we pride ourselves on the Life Coaching sessions provided as part of the Course. You will also be able to access Social Media Coaching with our expert Coaching Team.

So here's to you enjoying LinkedIn, and enjoy you will, you will be supported to showcase your skills and knowledge, celebrate your successes, search for that ideal job or connect with new people in the professional world and so much more.

Thank You for trusting in us and for investing in you. Now let's celebrate your successes and do the @techpixies dance 💃🏽together. And do let us know 👇in two words what this means for you.

If you would like to find out more about the Social Media Magic Course pop 👉to our bio and click on the link.

#TechPixies #BeBraveAndSparkle

Happy 😸 Caturday!

Fun fact... I am actually allergic to cats! But my daughter was desperate for a pet so we did our research and found out that Russian Blues were hypo-allergenic.

Secretly, I wanted a dog 🐕 but the demands of our family and the location where we live wasn’t conducive so #AsteroidPasha was the next best thing!

There is a lot of crap 💩 going on in the world at the moment but a cuddle with this guy never ceases to make me feel happy.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope you get a chance to cuddle your furry friend and remember everything in life is temporary- even COVID will one day be a memory.

Are you a🐱 person or a 🐶 or a 🐴 person or a 🦆 person? Tell me what pets you have in your house below with emojis! Oh and I love to know furry friend names...

#bebraveandsparkle #techpixies #techpixiespets #russianblueworld #russianbluesofinstagram

It's Facebook Foundations Week! Exciting times for our September 2020 Cohort who are now in their second week of our Social Media Magic Course. ⠀

Time to delve into the wonderful world of Facebook with all its new updates. Learn how the algorithm works, how to post properly, how to engage, grow your following, learn about analytics and how best to use them and so much more. It really is a feast for all the senses and a wonderful way to learn how to use this fantastic social media platform.⠀

On top of learning all about Facebook this week, each fabulous member of the September Cohort 2020 will be able to access Life Coaching Group Sessions and Social Media Group Coaching Sessions.

At @techpixies we know that in order to learn, develop knowledge and skills in Social Media and Technology it is also about working on Mindset. This successful combination is proven to work. They go hand in hand and that is why we are so proud of the Life Coaching and Social Media Coaching sections of the course. ⠀

So watch your confidence and self esteem grow! Enjoy the New CPD Facebook Foundations Module! Enjoy investing in you now and for the future!⠀

So let's all do the @techpixies dance 💃🏼to the fantastic women who are in the second week of the course and if that is you, then we would love to hear from you in the comments below. ⠀

To find out more about the Social Media Magic Course pop 👉to our bio and click on the link.⠀

#TechPixies #BeBraveAndSparkle
#facebooktraining #socialmediatraining

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