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Do you want to know how to leverage social media in order to return to work, change careers or start a business?

Over the past 5 years, I’ve helped thousands of women think about where they are, where they want to be and how they are going to get there.

I’ve put all my top tips and tricks into a book to help you get started…

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TechPixies has been named a WINNER for Digital Course of the Year in the inaugural DigitalWomen Awards.

The DigitalWomen Awards in association with Natwest Business and the Federation of Small Businesses celebrate women working in digital and digital business from their amazing community and beyond who are doing the most incredible work in the digital space they operate in, those who are making the right moves and going beyond and above what is usually expected. The awards were open to women working in digital and entrepreneurship and entrants go through a rigorous judging process by their esteemed panel. 

2018 Startup of the Year



2017 Female Startup of the Year


2016 Women’s Champion


2016/17 ‘Grow it’ Award


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Oh Yes! It's here! Our New CPD LinkedIn Foundations Module is Live! We are super excited for our September Cohort 2020 TechPixies and our Future TechPixies who will be getting involved in the fabulous world of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn offers a professional platform for those looking to network online. It is a great platform for any professional individual, whether they have had a career break, or decided to run their own business, or want to return to work.

Fun Fact: We have a student who is a Doula who trains Doulas… she actually finds that LinkedIn is a better place for her to be than the other networks because she trains women professionally.

So it is time to learn how the algorithm works, how to search for a job, how to post properly, how to engage, how to grow your following/connections, learn about your analytics and so much more. It is all completed by a fantastic quiz for each lesson to ensure you feel confident with your learning and so you can gain your CPD Certificate.

On top of learning about LinkedIn this week, you will also be working on your Mindset with our wonderful Life Coach. We know that in order to develop your knowledge and skills that it is so important to invest in self, which is why we pride ourselves on the Life Coaching sessions provided as part of the Course. You will also be able to access Social Media Coaching with our expert Coaching Team.

So here's to you enjoying LinkedIn, and enjoy you will, you will be supported to showcase your skills and knowledge, celebrate your successes, search for that ideal job or connect with new people in the professional world and so much more.

Thank You for trusting in us and for investing in you. Now let's celebrate your successes and do the @techpixies dance 💃🏽together. And do let us know 👇in two words what this means for you.

If you would like to find out more about the Social Media Magic Course pop 👉to our bio and click on the link.

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Happy 😸 Caturday!

Fun fact... I am actually allergic to cats! But my daughter was desperate for a pet so we did our research and found out that Russian Blues were hypo-allergenic.

Secretly, I wanted a dog 🐕 but the demands of our family and the location where we live wasn’t conducive so #AsteroidPasha was the next best thing!

There is a lot of crap 💩 going on in the world at the moment but a cuddle with this guy never ceases to make me feel happy.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope you get a chance to cuddle your furry friend and remember everything in life is temporary- even COVID will one day be a memory.

Are you a🐱 person or a 🐶 or a 🐴 person or a 🦆 person? Tell me what pets you have in your house below with emojis! Oh and I love to know furry friend names...

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It's Facebook Foundations Week! Exciting times for our September 2020 Cohort who are now in their second week of our Social Media Magic Course. ⠀

Time to delve into the wonderful world of Facebook with all its new updates. Learn how the algorithm works, how to post properly, how to engage, grow your following, learn about analytics and how best to use them and so much more. It really is a feast for all the senses and a wonderful way to learn how to use this fantastic social media platform.⠀

On top of learning all about Facebook this week, each fabulous member of the September Cohort 2020 will be able to access Life Coaching Group Sessions and Social Media Group Coaching Sessions.

At @techpixies we know that in order to learn, develop knowledge and skills in Social Media and Technology it is also about working on Mindset. This successful combination is proven to work. They go hand in hand and that is why we are so proud of the Life Coaching and Social Media Coaching sections of the course. ⠀

So watch your confidence and self esteem grow! Enjoy the New CPD Facebook Foundations Module! Enjoy investing in you now and for the future!⠀

So let's all do the @techpixies dance 💃🏼to the fantastic women who are in the second week of the course and if that is you, then we would love to hear from you in the comments below. ⠀

To find out more about the Social Media Magic Course pop 👉to our bio and click on the link.⠀

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And we're off! It's a Huge Welcome to all the new TechPixies who have joined our September 2020 Cohort. We are super thrilled you have taken that step and have walked through our virtual doors. We will be by your side all the way, our Social Media Coaching Team, our Life Coach, our Founder @techpixiejoy and all our team will be there to guide you through and provide you with the knowledge, skills, motivation and positive mindset to complete the Social Media Magic Course.⠀

You will be greeted and supported by the fabulous community of TechPixies who have already completed the course. That's the @techpixies way, supported from day one until the end of time 😉, because once a TechPixie always a TechPixie!⠀

So go forth, starting with our Brand New CPD Instagram Foundations Module. Enjoy learning and developing your skills, knowledge and confidence in Social Media, you are going to love it. Instagram is a fabulous place to start! ⠀

And watch your confidence and self esteem grow. Enjoy meeting new women from diverse backgrounds. Enjoy sharing and learning from each other. Enjoy being a part of an incredibly supportive community. Oh and Enjoy time to invest in you, because this is what you are doing and this is what you should be so proud of. This is Your Time!⠀

So let's all raise a glass 🥂 and do the @techpixies dance 💃🏼to the fantastic women who have just walked through our doors and let's pop a message and a 🌟in the comments below to let them know we are by their side and say how fab it is going to be so they feel as welcome as can be.⠀

It's going to be great, it already is, because you are now on a transformational journey and it is your journey and it is going to be so good!.🌟⠀

Oh and it's the Brand New CPD Facebook Module next week, exciting times! 🌟⠀

#TechPixies #BeBraveAndSparkle

🌟Mondays are the day we celebrate our team and today we wanted to let you know about the fabulous Juliet ( @marjoriedour). Juliet is our Experience Manager, she is the person who looks after you before and after you join @TechPixies.⠀

Juliet is a TechPixie she was part of Cohort 8 and completed the Social Media Course in 2018. Since then hundreds of fabulous women have come through the TechPixie doors, have completed our courses and gone on to new careers and started new businesses since then. Wow, how proud are we of you all. We really are.⠀

Juliet has a degree in Fine Art and Anthropology! She taught English in Barcelona for a few years then worked commissioning photos and illustrations for book publishers OUP and Macmillan. ⠀

Juliet had the following to say about working for @techpixies:" I love the conversations and the human interactions in TechPixies. I have met such a diverse range of alumni. I find constant inspiration from the stories of other Pixies. So many individual ways of growing! An environment of constant improvement and constant learning. I care about every TechPixie.⠀

I love working in a positive team, working in an organisation where integrity is paramount and we embrace constant improvement and learning. TechPixies is/are always exciting to me! ⠀

I firmly believe in opportunity for all and love the empowerment and knowledge that @TechPixies share and develop with so many women coming from many different walks of life."⠀

We are truly blessed to have such an amazing team at TechPixies and as we continue to grow it is so exciting to have TechPixies help with that growth. Thank You Juliet for being you and for all you do.⠀

So please raise a glass 🥂with us and Congratulate Juliet and do the obligatory @techpixies dance 💃🏼⠀
#TechPixies #MeetTheTechPixies #BeBraveandSparkle

Surprise flowers 💐 from the lovely Astrid (@spiralstripeart) selected from my favourite florist (@bicyclebloomsoxford)...

Nearly 4 years ago, the lovely Astrid started the #TechPixies Social Media Magic programme.

She came to a free training session and loved it so much, she signed up on the spot (without telling her husband and putting it on a credit card 🤪).

Had did it all go down? Pretty darn well.

‘My partner objected on the grounds of cost. All I really wanted to find was an ‘office-ready tech course’ to update my skills, and this was the closest thing I could find. I confess that I enjoyed the taster so much that I paid for the courses on my credit card, to his disapproval. However, he now sees the positive impact that it has had on my confidence, and that it has been the catalyst for so much more, including, incredibly, losing 2 stone in weight! I seriously think that it got me out of a rut, and I’ve met some brilliant people.’

Astrid has not only paid that credit card off BUT she got a JOB! She promised herself that when she got her first paycheque, she would buy me something nice as a thank you and she did!

Thank you Astrid for being a brilliant student and a dear friend. Excited about your future career and happy to have played a small part.

#bebraveandsparkle ❤️

🌟It is Celebration Time for another TechPixie. This time it is the amazing Jane Hyde from @janehydephotography who has achieved her CPD Certificate.

At @techpixies it is all about encouraging a mindset that celebrates wins on a daily basis throughout the journey that is being taken by the wonderful women who come through our doors.

We think the more you praise and celebrate your life the more there is in life to celebrate. What do you think?⠀

So today it's Jane's day and here is what she had to say about her experience with @TechPixies:⠀

"TechPixies has opened up a whole new world for me and has given me so much more confidence in myself. Something that I was sadly lacking after 16 years working in education. I had taken the role to fit around my children but I had no way of getting out of it, once they got older. ⠀

Then I discovered TechPixies. I loved the course and the wonderful support and encouragement that the team and the other ladies gave me. I didn't realise at the time, but you are purchasing so much more than a course. You are investing in yourself and your future, whatever you want that to be. ⠀

TechPixies are REALLY there for you. Once the course is finished you continue to have as much support as you like. There are other courses and the facebook group that keeps you in touch and up to date of the world of social media. Once a TechPixies always a TechPixie.⠀

I haven't gone on to become a Social Media Manager, because that was my choice not to. However I am now using all the skills I have learnt and I am applying them to my own business. TechPixies are still there for me encouraging me to be the best person I can, and helping me build my business for the future.⠀

Thank you TechPixies. "⠀

So a huge Thank You to Jane, for trusting in us, for taking that step to walk through our doors and for being open to learning, growing, pushing yourself, encouraging others and being a valued part of the TechPixie Community. We think you are fab and what you are achieving with your new business is awesome. ⠀

So let's raise a glass 🥂to Jane and Congratulate her on her CPD success. 🙌⠀

#TechPixies #BeBraveAndSparkle #MeetTheTechPixies

🌟Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back! 🌟 And we have your back, front, side, you get what we are trying to say! We are right by your side.

Every woman who completes our Social Media Training is so important to us. We are here to champion and enable women to feel empowered in all areas of their lives. ⠀

It's Monday and we are looking forward to the week ahead. We hope you are too AND we wanted to let you know about another member of the @TechPixies team. This is Natalie and she is a TechPixie and a complete star.⠀

Natalie grew up in Oxford then moved to London where she lived for nearly 20 years. Whilst in London Natalie worked with adults with learning disabilities and loved every minute of it. Working in the centre of the Capital gave Natalie access to many wonderful resources, as well as the opportunity to set up and take part in some unique projects. These projects varied from art workshops at the ICA, gardening schemes in St James Park, national photography competitions/exhibitions and environmental schemes. ⠀

When Natalie became a mother she took time out of the workplace to spend time concentrating on her family. It was during this time that Natalie re-evaluated her work options and decided it was time for a new direction.⠀

In 2017 Natalie found herself signing up for the TechPixies Social Media Magic course. The following year, Natalie joined the TechPixies team and really enjoyed the challenge of learning new skills and being part of a young but rapidly growing company. Natalie has recently taken up the role of executive assistant to Joy and works part time. The flexibility of her work schedule allows her to find a happy balance between working and family time. ⠀

Changing careers later in life has opened up a whole new world for Natalie. There is always space for growth and change and we are here to help you achieve that.⠀

We love that Natalie chose to train with us and that she has found a new pathway that works for her. So please Congratulate Natalie on her new role and do the obligatory TechPixies dance 💃🏽⠀

#TechPixies #MeetTheTechPixies #BeBraveandSparkle

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