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✨ This is Padma from @mabellaengagement and she is a TechPixie. ⠀

✨ Padma joined TechPixies during the first lockdown of 2020 after business was slowing due to the effects of the pandemic on the companies she worked with. She knew she would need to pivot her offering so she invested in our Social Media Magic course to update her social media skills which enabled her to successfully market her new venture. And (wow!) what an incredible journey she has been on since then! ⠀

✨ Padma had been volunteering for @smartworksrdg and after joining TechPixies she started running online career advice webinars to raise funds for the charity. She quickly discovered that she really enjoyed the online community and teaching aspect & realised there was a new business idea there.⠀

✨ Padma now offers online career success workshops. She helps women to make successful career changes by equipping them with both the mental and physical tools to land their dream job quickly.⠀

✨ Padma echos many of TechPixies values in her work and if you are keen to work on your own values then Padma can definitely help you uncover yours.⠀

“TechPixies has given me confidence, clarity & reminded me of who I am. You have made me believe in myself again & ultimately, I improved my social media skills but more importantly you helped me get out of my own way and start a new business - which is my true passion.”⠀

✨ If you want to take action to start looking for a career that will make you leap out of bed & start loving Mondays again then head over to @mabellaengagement where you can sign up for Padma's FREE 5 day Career workshop starting THIS THURSDAY. It will help you get clear on your transferable skills, strengths & values, as well as help you create a CV that stands out. There are special coaching upgrades available including a 121 coaching bonus for TechPixies - don’t hang about, this is one not to be missed! ⠀

✨ If, like Padma, you’d like to upskill in all things social media join us for our 4-part FREE training series starting on 1st February (link in bio to register) ☝️⠀⠀

✨ Have you had to pivot your offering in the last year? We'd love to hear. Let us know in the comments 👇

🏆 It’s Monday! New Week, New Goals, New #WINS - Let’s celebrate them all!! ⠀

🌟 Take note from Dame Stephanie (@damestephanie_) and enjoy your small successes this week.⠀

😊 We know that it’s not always easy and many of us suffer from self doubt or can feel like we don’t belong, or that any success we have is just luck or as a result of ‘faking it’. You are not alone! ⠀

✨ Around 70% of us will experience signs & symptoms of impostor syndrome at least once in our lives. And it can affect you whether you are starting out in business or you are a highly successful entrepreneur such as Dame Stephanie Shirley. ⠀

🌟 Dame Stephanie is a woman who really did ‘fake it to make it’ due to sexism in the male-dominated business world she threw herself into when she created her software company ‘Freelance Programmers’ in 1962. She used the name ‘Steve’ on all company correspondence when she realised that letters signed in her own name were being ignored. ⠀

😊 She was a pioneer of flexible working and working from home, enabling women to return to the workplace after having families to achieve that ever desired work/life balance.⠀

💻 This week our TechPixies are learning all about LinkedIn and during their life coaching sessions they will be discussing how many seem to suffer with imposter syndrome when it comes to this platform. Many find LinkedIn the most daunting platform due to its professional nature, and we often hear our students say that they feel like they don’t belong. But this platform can be the most critical to help build a freelance and business network for anyone looking to return to work or start a business. Get those brave pants on and dive into this week's learning TechPixies - we’ll see you over on LinkedIn!⠀

✨ And if you’d like to work on banishing your imposter syndrome and upskill in all things social media join us for our 4-part FREE training series starting on 1st February (link in bio to register) ☝️⠀

🥳 Here at TechPixies we are big believers in celebrating your small wins. We’d love to hear yours - let us know in the comments below so we can celebrate with you! 👇 Banish that imposter syndrome and let’s #WIN together this week! 🏆

Who else is excited out our star highlighters!?!?! Comment with your favourite excited emoji 🤩

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💛 Meet Maria or @socialmedia_maria as she is known here on Instagram (and to some of the locals after they saw her reel supporting the local town).⠀

✨ Maria studied with TechPixies during the first lockdown to add the latest social media skills to her previous marketing experience and, with the support of the TechPixie community and life coaching from @youcomingalive, it gave her the push she needed to start her own consultancy.⠀

💛 From her initial Instagram posts back in May 2020 she has now helped many small businesses get the most from their social media providing them with platform audits, training or full social media management.⠀

✨ “Joining the TechPixies course was transformational for me. I had worked for many years in marketing but had taken a few years out to move house and bring up our children. When I signed up for the course I had no idea that just a few months later I would have a thriving business, great up to date expertise and some wonderful new friends. The TechPixies community certainly helped me stay positive throughout lockdown and 2020.”⠀

💛 Recently Maria has donned her brave pants and started a series of lunchtime lives, talking to other inspirational women in business. She admits that showing up on her own social media and going live is the part of the job that she finds the most difficult “like most people with small children and a busy life I often don’t feel ‘camera ready’” but after being challenged to ‘get out there and show up’ she has done so and is now regularly inspiring other women on her feed.⠀

💛 We have loved being part of your journey Maria and cannot wait to see where it takes you in 2021. 🌟 Thank you for joining us and for being such a valuable part of the TechPixies community. 🧑‍🤝‍We raise a glass 🥂 to you and celebrate your success with the obligatory @techpixies dance 💃🏽⠀

🌟 Like Maria do you find showing up on your social media hard or are your brave pants firmly on in 2021 and you are showing up regularly? Let us know in the comments below 👇⠀

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We can’t be the only ones who have been putting this song on repeat recently?!⠀

The song ‘I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free’ served as an anthem for the Civil Rights Movement in America in the 1960s and was recorded by Nina Simone in 1967 on her Silk & Soul album. The song gave hope to people of colour living in turbulent times. Now, it would be very wrong of us to make any comparisons between the struggles faced in those times with now… but the message of hope is universal and if we all need anything right now it’s a little bit of hope!⠀

✨ To those who are feeling a little lost or alone or rather overwhelmed right now, we are here for you! This week @youcomingalive will be discussing overwhelm in her TechPixie life coaching sessions, tune in!⠀

✨ And whether you are a TechPixie, or one of our followers, engage with us and join our supportive community this lockdown, reach out to one another and give each other some extra motivation to reach your goals (even if they have had to shift lately). ⠀

✨ Let’s give each other a Monday morning motivational boost and tag a friend (or two!) in the comments below to let them know that you are here for them, thinking about them and that they are doing a fabulous job! 👇 ⠀

✨ Please do share to your stories if you think your followers would like some TechPixies Monday morning motivation. 😊 Let's spread some joy and positivity.⠀

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How are you all this evening?⠀

🏠 With a new lockdown upon us it is time for our TechPixie community to do what it does so well and come together, connect, engage, encourage and support each other through this time. More than ever we may need to draw upon our Monday Mindset sessions from @techpixiejoy and some Wednesday Wisdom from the brilliant Teresa @youcomingalive (join her tomorrow live on zoom or for a lunchtime catchup in the Facebook group)⠀

🏫 And for those now doing the work/homeschool juggle see the link in our bio for the guide we produced last year packed with top tips for home learning put together by the wonderful Lisa, @lisa.mellis.art (an ex-teacher with over 15 years experience)⠀

✨ Many of our TechPixies have already been sharing some top tips for working from home, homeschooling, lockdown baking / gardening / crafting / exercise - if there is something you want to do you can be sure there is a TechPixies who knows how to do it!! Keep an eye on our stories and don’t forget to use #techpixies or tag us so we can share your ‘surviving lockdown’ posts with our community.⠀

😊 Community, friendship and support will see us through (with some TechPixies Social Media Magic along the way!) - reach out and connect. We can do this together, even though we are apart.⠀

🏠 Do share any stay at home tips, advice, ideas, activities, recipes below… we’d love to hear them all! ⠀

✨ You’ve got this TechPixies!!⠀

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🌟 Good Morning TechPixies!⠀

✨ We are diving right in as we kick off the first Monday of the year with our Instagram module.⠀

👋 Welcome to all those new TechPixies who are joining us for the first time (do come and say hello!) and “hello old friends”. We are so excited to welcome you all here for some more TechPixies Social Media Magic!⠀

🌟 We hope you all had a wonderful festive break and are now refreshed and ready to get stuck in to all things Instagram this week. ⠀

✨ TechPixies this is your year to sparkle and thrive!⠀

🌟 We asked about your New Year's resolutions and 2021 goals in our last post, but what is your one big goal this week? 👇 Let us know in the comments below 👇⠀

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🥂 Happy New Year TechPixies!⠀

✨ What does 2021 have in store for you?⠀

🌟 Have you made any New Year's resolutions or thought about your 2021 goals? We’d love to know. Let us know in the comments below 👇⠀

#TechPixies #BeBraveAndSparkle #newyearsresolution2021 #newyear2021 #newyearnewgoals

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