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TechPixies is an award-winning social enterprise helping women boost their confidence with technology so that they can return to work, change careers or start a business. We run face to face and online CPD accredited courses in social media, WordPress and digital marketing.

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2018 Startup of the Year



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2016 Women’s Champion


2016/17 ‘Grow it’ Award


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Why do I believe in flexible work?

It gives me more time to hang out with these ☝️ two.

I have 3 goals that I am focused on each and every day:

1) I have an exceptional marriage 👩‍❤️‍👨 and I really know my children 👩‍👧‍👦and they know me.

2) TechPixies is financially sustainable and profitable so that we can continue to positively impact women's lives in the UK and across the 🌎 world.

3) 🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♀️I am an Ironman.

In just a couple of days, I will be on the start line at Ironman Wales. It hasn't been an easy final few months in the build up to a dream that is 4 years in the making but I have done everything I can do.

And it is the same with my children. We can always do more with them - give more hugs, give more kisses, pay more attention, be more present.

All summer long they asked me to take them to do this so one day, I was intentional and made it happen. It was quite possibly one of their favourite 5 minutes of the whole summer and I got to watch them enjoy every minute of it because I work flexibly and I can choose when I work and when I need to be with my family.

That doesn't mean I don't work hard! In fact, I work harder now than I ever have. Scaling a business and serving hundreds of women is not something I take lightly... not to mention, I have investors I want to pay back. BUT I work hours that suit my family and my health and I encourage our team and the women in our programme to do that too.

I believe flexible work leads to a happier, more productive life and I hope more companies will adopt it.

Create a post on Instagram and tell me your flexible working story using the hashtag #nfwd2019

Other great flex hashtags to get involved with... #flexappeal #flexibleworking #flex4all #futureofwork

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On the 8th January 2015 TechPixie Shira woke up to her beautiful family of 4.

They went to work and school as usual, not knowing that this was going to be the day that would change their lives forever.

They had dinner, they put Max to bed and wished him goodnight, 'sweet dreams, love you and see you in the morning' as they always did.

When they went upstairs to go to bed two hours later they found their beautiful boy had left them.

They subsequently found out that he had an undetected heart condition known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) – a thickening of the muscle wall of the heart. This is a genetic heart condition that does not always display symptoms and consequently is very difficult to detect.

The tests that had been carried out did not pick this up as the abnormal heart rhythms associated with HCM can only really be detected after puberty.


Their lives have been shattered and irrevocably changed forever because of this condition and the fact that it was unable to be detected.

As a family, and with the backing and support of their extended family and friends, they decided to set up Max’s Foundation as a lasting legacy to Max.

A group of our lovely TechPixies are banding together to raise money for this amazing work. On Saturday 7 September, they will be walking 28km together along the Thames. Please support them! Link in bio.

#savekids #helpchildren #tpchallenge #sparkleandthrive #charitywalk #ipreview via @preview.app #techpixiestrekkers

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One of the women who we are super inspired by at TechPixies is Rachel Hollis (@msrachelhollis). If you haven't already discovered her two AMAZING books: #girlwashyourface and #girlstopapologizing - We cannot recommend them enough. We thought this review summed her up completely... Rachel dreamed of a media empire that has the reach to affect the lives of millions of people. She has made fans out of a list of many impressive names, but it hasn't always been this way. 😓⠀ 🌟 “I’m so grateful that my journey has never one time been an overnight success,” Rachel says. 'Girl, Wash Your Face' was the first time [some readers] had ever thought maybe I should... (fill in the blank). "If what it took to get them to consider that, was me being silly on Instagram and showing pictures of my baby, and you feeling comfortable enough with me to have this conversation, then it’s worth it.” - Rachel Hollis 🌟

Rachel views life not as a chronological series of milestones, but as a collection of countless failures and accomplishments 🎢 brush strokes that add up to a masterpiece. 🎨 But, of course, in order to see the final picture, we have to show up to live out those moments each day, every day. It’s the acceptance of this dogged persistence that separates her from other authors and speakers. - Cecilia Meis

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2 weeks to go until Ironman Wales.

There have been so many times in the last 4 years that I have wanted to quit but I didn't.

It hasn't been a perfect preparation but I have done the best I can. I have taken things one day at a time, brought people in to help me when I needed help, visualised crossing the finish line and reminded myself how proud I will be when I accomplish my goal.

What goals do you have? What tactics do you have to help you cross the finish line?

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Who is the TechPixies Results Journal designed for?⠀

Over-achievers, optimists, go-getters who want to be INTENTIONAL and GET RESULTS.⠀

People who have hopes and dreams but feel stuck in accomplishing them.⠀

People who want accountability (you get to join a free Facebook group when you purchase the TechPixies Results Journal).⠀

The TechPixies Results Journal is a 7 day, colour-coded, repeatable system that will help you intentionally achieve results.

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3km in the sea? My biggest nightmare. BUT I did it.

For my upcoming Ironman, I have to do 3.9km in the sea. I have been very worried about it so decided that I needed to stare fear in the face and defy it.

No sharks, just one big jelly fish and one step closer to my dream of becoming an ironman.

What dreams do you have? What fears? When was a time you defied them. If you haven't yet... when will you?

#sparkleandthrive #techpixies #dreamchaser #ironmantraining #womensupportingwomen #flexibleworking #seaswimming #cornwallcoast #polkerris #trilife #openwaterswimming

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Mark your calendar! 🗓 Social Media Magic is coming!⠀

Enrolment opens 2nd October 2019 🌟⠀

Curious to know more? Our popup Social Media Magic Facebook group launches 3rd September to answer all your questions! ⠀

In the meantime make sure you enter our book bundle giveaway and tick the 'weekly tips' box to get your exclusive invitation to our private group when it launches. Link in bio. ⠀

We will be drawing the results live on Facebook Tuesday 3rd September 12pm ⠀

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👏 Congrats Susanna on completing the online Social Media Magic Course!⠀

Here's what she had to say about her experience:⠀

"I joined TechPixies because a friend said it was very hands-on, very detailed and that it gave you really clear instructions so that you had the knowledge and confidence to do social media by yourself.⠀

The online course work was excellent with a really practical and helpful level of detail. It was really good being able to view the videos where and when I wanted and go at my own pace. It felt like it had been designed with me in mind!⠀

The WhatsApp group has been a brilliant source of support. It’s like having your very own team of cheerleaders.⠀

It was the little touches, like the notebook and mug (#TechPixieSwag) that really do bring a little extra sparkle ✨. I’m so glad I’ve done the course."⠀

We are so glad you did the course too Susanna! Thank you for being part of the TechPixies family and we can't wait to see you put your new skills into practice as an Alumnae Communications Officer following a 4 year career break. 🎉⠀

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