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Since 2015, TechPixies has helped 13,000+ women start the journey to financial independence through our social media training, life coaching and business-focused programmes.

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7 months ago, I stopped taking a salary. I’m finally ready to talk about it.

In October 2021, @techpixies faced one of its biggest challenges ever. Meta ads, which drove the lead generation for our company effectively blew up and stopped working. I lost confidence in myself and my pricing, but not my product.

Something incredible happened at the same time, I found a life coaching programme that gave me a new perspective. I started to believe in the core of my being that there was a solution to every problem and an answer to every question.

The programme was SOOOO powerful for me that I decided to become certified in it so I could introduce it to the @techpixies community.

Given the financial state of the company, I took the payment plan and hoped and prayed I would be able to pay off the investment quickly.

In November 2021, I ran the very first vision workshop and then our very first DreamBuilder cohort followed.

It took me 17 months to pay it back. February 2023 was my final payment.

The programme taught me about the power of decision.

By May 2022, I made the heartbreaking decision to let staff and contractors go who had worked for me for years. I also walked away from a mastermind I loved.

With 3 people left on my core team, I leaned into some advice from one of my mentors, Jeff Walker, who has a sign in his office that says ABL ‘Always Be Launching’.

We launched and launched and launched and launched. We have in fact, launched 29 times since March 2022. We launched the bootcamp 6x, the crash course 13x, the vision workshop 6x, the mastermind 1x, Money Mindset Masterclass 3x.

What most people don’t know is that I also gave up my salary 7 months ago so that I could keep my core team employed and so I could invest in coaching to help me turn things around. In order to provide for my family, I took on 2 additional jobs. So while I was launching 29 times, I was also working 3 jobs.

I’m not going to lie, it has been tough at times, but as Seth Rogan recently said on @steven’s podcast “If you don’t quit, you just might make it. But you definitely won’t make it if you quit.”

To be continued… end of part 1

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Have you ever got this wrong?

Hands up if you’ve ever thought a damp squib was a damp squid? 🦑 (Er, guilty!)

Or you’ve been on tender hooks rather than on tenterhooks? 🪝

Or, our personal favourite, something has to pass mustard rather than pass muster. 😂

The English language can be a mare to get right sometimes, which is why we love the latest book by wordsmith Sarah Townsend.

The Little Book of Confusables is a chunky, cute guide to all those words we often get wrong, and Sarah, the queen of confusables, is on the podcast this week to talk about some of her favourite (and funniest) word mix-ups.
If you’re writing content, you NEED this book in your life, which is why we’re giving you an opportunity to get your mitts on a copy.

🎉 Yep, it’s competition time! 🎉

🌟 Comment on the YouTube version of the podcast episode to be in with a chance of WINNING A COPY of The Little Book of Confusables. 📚

✨ The competition closes on Monday, 27 March, at midnight UK time. Winners will be picked at random and notified by email; UK entries only. This competition is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.

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We’ve got a brand new podcast episode all about Instagram. I caught up with our incredibly talented Instagram coach @sociallysophieb.

We discussed the blue tick badge, why it is so freaking hard on IG right now, and Sophie gave me a great hack to help drive traffic to your link in bio (I tried it and it worked!!).

For the full episode, check out the #sparkleandthrivepodcast episode 176. You can find a link to our podcast in our link in bio @techpixies. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Also… I’d love to know… do you have an oodie? Which one!!? ⬇️

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