TechPixies is an award-winning CPD Accredited social enterprise helping women to upskill with Social Media. Since 2015, we’ve helped hundreds of women return to work, change careers and launch businesses leveraging social media.

TechPixies is an award-winning social enterprise helping women boost their confidence with technology so that they can return to work, change careers or start a business. We run face to face and online CPD accredited courses in social media, WordPress and digital marketing.

Recognition for Our Work with Women

2018 Startup of the Year



2017 Female Startup of the Year


2016 Women’s Champion


2016/17 ‘Grow it’ Award


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"TechPixies has been instrumental in helping me to kick start my business, fire up my creativity and give me the confidence to follow my hopes and dreams." - Carla Hentall

Carla'a Story "I signed up for the TechPixies course when I was still in full-time employment as a National Training Manager. Redundancy was imminent as the company I worked for were selling off the division. This made me think about what I wanted to do, about my skills and also my skill gaps." What she liked about the course... "

The online course was perfect for me as it enabled me to continue with my full-time job and learn new skills at the same time. The group video calls were a great way to meet the other ladies on the course, and the support we were able to give each other through the different online channels (WhatsApp, Facebook) was invaluable." What impact the course has had... "The impact the TechPixies course has had on me has been a real surprise. The visualisation exercise at the beginning of the course was really powerful for me.

I had never completed anything like this before, and it stirred up a lot of emotions and reawakened hopes and dreams that I had had years ago, but not acted on, primarily out of fear of failure.

I really enjoyed the creative nature of the course - it certainly kickstarted my creativity!" What she is doing now... "I decided to go for it and set up my own business. I started out by working for some clients for free to get experience and practise my learnings.

Then I started looking at freelance contracts that would offer me exactly what I wanted - three days work to bring in an income and to still have a couple of days a week to continue to explore my creativity that the course has awakened.

The first interview I had went well and I was asked to write a proposal for how I thought the company should market their product - what they should consider pre-launch, on launch and afterwards.

The course had given me a breadth of knowledge about social media that embellished my marketing skills and I felt confident in writing the proposal. I received feedback the following day and negotiations for the contract began.


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We love this shot from @lainie.graham we asked to #repost it and she said yes! Show her some love for her bravery and tell us what you are up to this Saturday morning in the comments!

This week at TechPixies has been #TechPixiesInstachallenge week. For many of our women on cohort 17, it is the very first time that they have posted on Instagram.

Part of the challenge was to post for 5 days straight. One of the challenge days was to post about their #TechPixiesPets.


Some days you just want to snuggle 🐾💕

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This week we launched our #techpixiesinstachallenge encouraging our Cohort 17 students to post daily on Instagram for 5 days (3x on the grid and 2x in the stories). We decided we had better do it too! Lead by example right?⠀

Day 1 is all about the swag. At TechPixies, when you become a student you get a notebook from @marthabrookldn AND a personalised TechPixies mug (now a water bottle from @chillysbottles for cohort 17 and 18). Joy went a step further and decorated her computer in gold and black #TechPixiesSwag - thanks to the wonderful design work by Heidi (@little.miss.punctual) it fits right in with Joy's gold skirt!⠀

This picture was taken not long after the opening of the amazing AllBright club (@allbright) in Rathbone, which has become Joy's home away from home in London the past year - AND - where she met the formidable Danusia Melina-Derben from @school.for.mothers.podcast.⠀

We are delighted to announce that our London Winter Get Together will be hosted at The AllBright!! Sparkles and all. If you are a TechPixie... invitations go out this week via email!⠀

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I have always said to the TechPixies... 'Your success is my success' so when I saw this little gem in LA, I had to take a pic of it for Instagram.

We don't just talk about learning a new skillset at TechPixies, we encourage women to live their best life. One little stat that surprised us a few years ago was that of the first 100 women to complete our course, 79% of them reported being happier as a result with the other 21% remaining as happy as they were when they joined.

We are currently compiling our Alumni Impact Report so it will be interesting to see how this has changed over the years if at all. Watch this space!

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Meet Nicole, founder of @gardenaryco (if you ❤ kitchen gardens: go follow!!!). Nicole is part of my Mastermind with @RickMulready and on Thursday when we were doing peer learning, Nicole dropped the mic when she shared how she built her Instagram account from 0 to 77k (yes that is 77,000!) Completely organically.

I won't spoil an upcoming podcast by telling you how she did it, but I can tell you that not only has she built a successful Instagram presence but a super awesome business around it.

What questions do you have for Nicole? I will be sire to ask them on the podcast! Drop them in the comments 👇

#sparkleandthrive #techpixies #gardenary #lovemygarden #plantlady

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Accessibility, Authenticity, Accountability⠀

These are my 3 big As takeaways from all my online mentors at The Entrepreneur Experience (#EEwithAP) by Amy Porterfield (@amyporterfield) this week.⠀

Accessibility - Stu McLaren (@stumclaren) who runs Tribe, an online course that teaches people how to create membership sites has thousands of students (no joke). Yet when I had a chance to speak with him today for a few minutes, he made me feel like I was the only person in the room and that my story was important. I have met a few people who run multi-million pound businesses - trust me when I tell you they don't all act like that!⠀

Authenticity - In almost every session I attended there was a rawness to it, a 'scrappyness'. People were sharing their hopes and dreams, their failures, their small wins and their huge wins. What I loved about #EEwithAP was that everyone in the room knew what it was like to start from scratch. Everyone had experienced failure and had stuck it out until they turned it around and got on track. No one pretended building a business was easy... but the message was clear: keep going, success is right around the corner for those who don't give up.⠀

Accountability - Who holds you accountable? Who do you hold accountable? Accountability is so incredibly important when it comes to doing the things you said you were going to do. We can chose to do things alone or with a tribe of like-minded people. I think it is fair to say that those who have accountability in their life are way more likely to accomplish their goals.⠀

So there you have it! Do these 3 As resonate with you as much as me? Let me know in the comments. 👇

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I have joined a new Mastermind run by @rickmulready and one of the things we do on our bi-weekly checkin is share our business wins AND our personal wins.

I was very excited about my business win - lauching cohort 17 of course!

BUT it was much, much, much harder to think of a personal win. I did eventually come up with something... I got to go to Lego Land!

I was a bit harsh on myself though and didn't count it as a personal win because as I was waiting in the lines at Lego Land, I was answering enquiries on our website chat about enrolment for our courses.

The Mastermind group reminded me that the very fact that I run a business that allows me the flexibility to work from Lego Land with my kids was a personal win.

I wasn't on my phone the whole time, just long enough to answer important questions regarding our programme to help people make decisions about joining.

Have you had any business wins or personal wins this week? Let me know in the comments! 👇

#SPARKLEandTHRIVE #TechPixies #Doingitforthekids #flexappeal

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Welcome 🤗 Cohort 17!!⠀

We are so excited you have joined our TechPixies tribe!⠀

We hope it will be 100% magical. Here is to Supportive, Positive, Authentic Relationships with women who are Keen to Learn and want to be Empowered.⠀

You are already asking ⭐️ brilliant ⭐️ questions. This is going to be fun.⠀

Thank you for trusting us with your 🏆 CPD-certified Social Media education.

And... as you can see there is still ONE SPACE LEFT for a Starter, Star or Superstar to join us for the October cohort. DM me for the link or drop a friend's name in the comments who should be joining our tribe!⠀

#SPARKLEandTHRIVE #TPcohort17 #SocialMediaMagic

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