#15 Strength in numbers - 10+ Facebook groups where you can find flexible working advice (part 2) ⋆ TechPixies

#15 Strength in numbers – 10+ Facebook groups where you can find flexible working advice (part 2)

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

African Proverbs

The power of the pack really is true when it comes to advancing your career. You’re onto a winner when you reach out for help from like-minded people. Being in a group with people who understand your goals and struggles can be so empowering. Even better when it’s women supporting women. Can you imagine if we didn’t! That’s why we love this quote:

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

Madeleine Albright

Sometimes group opinion is what you need to hear!

Check out this video above where TechPixies Founder Joy Foster interviews Lisa Unwin co-author of ‘She’s Back: Your Guide To Returning To Work’ on how they gained opinion from their Facebook group on sample chapters of the book that they were writing. Hearing directly from potential readers who were already engaged in the Facebook group added so much more value to the end product. Such a great idea to see whether your content actually resonates with your target market!

Imagine if you had a community you could tap into to ask their opinion of your work or how to go about gaining flexible employment! Well we might just be able to help you there….

Last week we brought you a growing list of places to find flexible work. We were blown away with just how many companies and experts there are.

So, we wanted to delve a little deeper and see what other help was out there. We found plenty…and it starts and ends with COMMUNITIES helping each other out!

Together we SPARKLE and THRIVE

We are big fans of Facebook groups at TechPixies so it’s no surprise we have a very active private Facebook group for new and alumni TechPixies. Our group ethos is really how TechPixies do indeed SPARKLE and THRIVE! From the moment you sign up to learn with us, you join a thriving network. Whether it’s studying in a group structure, socialising with us (we do love a TechPixies social event!) or being part of our busy Facebook Group, you’ve got the support of like-minded women. Your very own cheerleader team!

List of Facebook Groups for Flexible Working, Freelancing and more

There are just so many nuances to flexible working. Finding suitable work outside of the conventional 9-to-5 culture isn’t always straightforward, it requires some careful navigation. Being able to specifically talk in a closed group about your problem and get advice instantly, is what everyone wants!

So here you go! We’ve started a growing list of Facebook Groups that cover flexible working and freelancing. We’d love to add to this, so do GET IN TOUCH with your suggestions! Let’s make this list a true example of the power of groups!

Beyond The School Run

Careering Into Motherhood

Creative Women in Business

Doing It For The Kids

Flexible Work For People Like Me

Flexible Working for Motherhood by 2 To 3 Days

Freelance Heroes

Freelance PRs

Jobs, Flexible Working From Find Your Flex


School For Mothers

Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs

She’s Back

It’s your business network…without the warm white wine and small talk!

Facebook Groups can become your business network.The old style of networking in a hotel meeting room, sipping warm white wine, chatting with people you’ve never met before (that illustration came from the authors of She’s Back and it sums up what we all don’t like about networking so well!) doesn’t have to be the way you need to connect with people.

Instead building your network can be this – “having a tribe who empathise and actively want you to succeed can be an emotional lifeline. They’ve got your back, they say good luck and cheer your successes.”  Lisa Unwin and Deb Khan, She’s Back

Some tips on getting the flexible work you want:

Start with the job search – don’t rule out full time roles

First thing, check out our the list of job boards and recruitment agencies specialising in flexible work. Grab a cuppa and pay attention to the type of roles that come up. We would advise that you also look at full time roles. You just don’t know what might happen after a successful interview. You could negotiate a more flexible option for yourself!

Know your worth – Pro Rata Calculator

Once you’ve done your research on the type of roles out there, you will have an idea of what the salary levels are like. Even if you’re thinking of going freelance, it’s worth noting what the salaried equivalent of pay will be. We can help! We’ve put together a PRO RATA CALCULATOR you can download for FREE!

The different types of flexible work

There isn’t just one size fits all when it comes to flexible working. Have a look at the various types of flexible working roles taken from gov.uk website on the various types of flexible working roles.

  • Job sharing – Two people do one job and split the hours.
  • Working from home – It might be possible to do some or all of the work from home or anywhere else other than the normal place of work.
  • Part time – Working less than full-time hours (usually by working fewer days).
  • Compressed hours – Working full-time hours but over fewer days.
  • Flexitime – The employee chooses when to start and end work (within agreed limits) but works certain ‘core hours’, for example 10am to 4pm every day.
  • Annualised hours – The employee has to work a certain number of hours over the year but they have some flexibility about when they work. There are sometimes ‘core hours’ which the employee regularly works each week, and they work the rest of their hours flexibly or when there’s extra demand at work.
  • Staggered hours – The employee has different start, finish and break times from other workers.
  • Phased retirement – Default retirement age has been phased out and older workers can choose when they want to retire. This means they can reduce their hours and work part time.

Get your LinkedIn profile up to scratch

Networking starts with LinkedIn. Put the time in to get your LinkedIn profile up to date and written well. Engage with others and publish relevant, useful content to show you really do mean business.

“LinkedIn is a vital tool for anyone seeking to return after a break or step up their career. It’s where all the jobs are; it provides the fastest way to connect with old colleagues; recruiters use it to find people; hiring managers use it to check you out.”

Lisa Unwin and Deb Khan She’s Back 

EVENT – Flex Conference 4 October

Don’t miss! TechPixies will be attending Flexpo on 4 October 2019. It will bring together prospective employees, returners and skilled individuals; connecting them with employers, re-trainers and flexible work options offering return to work schemes, phased integration back into work, flexible working, remote working, equal opportunities, retraining, recognition of transferable skills and real work opportunities catering to specific needs and skill sets. Wow that’s a lot – book your place now!

Go on, what are you waiting for, find your flock, forget the warm white wine (ha!) and cultivate a community that will support you to get work that you want. Oh and if you can’t find what you’re looking for…you could always start your own Facebook group.


The TechPixies Pro Rata Calculator

Whether you want to work in a salaried role or freelancing, it can be difficult to know what to earn or charge. So here’s a neat little tool we’ve created to help you KNOW YOUR WORTH. The TechPixies Pro Rata Calculator which tells you exactly what the hourly rate equivalent should be for the various salary levels. We hope you find it super useful and will also consider receiving our weekly tips if you aren’t already.

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