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[Episode 21] The 5 Truths you need to know About Money

“We can’t have that.” “I can’t do a this… I cannot spend money on myself.” “I’d love to change careers or start a business, but I won’t be able to afford to do it!”

We are unconsciously controlled by money: we earn it; waste it; save it and make all kinds of decisions on money every single day. Decisions from the daily latte, to our Pension pot. We are often even afraid of money!! Our relationship status with money… is complicated!

But have you ever stopped to consider how the CONCEPT of money -yes money as a concept, is stifling you and preventing you from reaching your full potential?

TechPixies founder, Joy Foster has been reading The Illusion of Money by New York Times best-selling author Kyle Cease. In this thought provoking episode, Joy discusses her thoughts on reading the book, how to break through negative thoughts and talks us through 5 Truths About Money: Mindset, Abundance, Value, Hoarding, Giving. She talks about our ingrained beliefs and relationships with money as well as how we can release our infinite possibilities.

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