[Episode 18] 30+ Ways to Make a Grand in 2020 ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 18] 30+ Ways to Make a Grand in 2020

One of my favourite books of 2019 was Marie Forleo’s book ‘Everything is Figureoutable’. It is short and sweet and straight to the point – there is pretty much a solution for everything – you just need to figure it out.

At TechPixies, a common response we get as to why people didn’t sign up for our paid courses is connected to money… which is why… for the entire month of January, we’re going to talk about the elephant in the room: MONEY.

What could be better for our first post in this money series than ’30 ways to make a grand in 2020′.

In our brand new freebie, we give you 30+ ways that you can plan to make a grand. Perhaps you have spare time, spare resources or hidden investments that you just haven’t thought about! You might want to combine several ideas!

However you plan to make a grand, the TechPixies guide is a great place to start.

And if you’ve joined us for our January Free Training Series, you’ll know that in the first session we talked about limiting beliefs.

If your limiting belief is that you don’t have enough money – let’s add that awesome little word and transform that limiting belief into ‘I don’t have enough money YET’

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