[Episode 19] Email is NOT DEAD, it is alive and well (and can make you money) ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 19] Email is NOT DEAD, it is alive and well (and can make you money)

We’re talking about money, how to make it and the mindset around money. 💸 If you have your own business or you work in digital marketing you cannot ignore email!

The prospect of writing emails for your business or in your current employment can be a daunting one! ✉️ At TechPixies, we like to give you hints and tips which make life easier for you. We also strongly believe in listening and learning from the experts.

What could be better for our livecast / podcast and our ‘4 part money series’ then TechPixies founder Joy Foster in conversation with online entrepreneur and founder of ‘Your Online Genius’, Bobby Klinck on making money and email marketing.

Bobby’s battle cry is “keep it fun!” He recommends you enjoy writing your emails so that in turn your readers will look forward to reading them. Why? Well, “an engaged list is the most valuable asset you company can have. It can’t just be a list of people who are there but don’t really care about it”

Bobby teaches the FANS framework (Find, Attract, Nurture, Serve). The proven system that helps you turn “relatively cold leads into raving fans!” Consider how many emails in your inbox right now will never get read. How many times have you unsubscribed 🚫 to repetitive, dull or spammy emails? Can your emails avoid the same fate?

What do you need to do to get your email marketing material opened and read, but have your customers eagerly opening their inbox and awaiting your content? Watch the livecast / listen to the podcast to find out!

This episode is also brought to you by Bobby Klinck Click here for his ‘Business Building Bootcamp’ free basic training.

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