[Episode 139] How do you get where you need to be? What to do when you *think* you don’t know how ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 139] How do you get where you need to be? What to do when you *think* you don’t know how

Do you need help working through the messy middle? 🙋 It’s that moment when you’re working on something – perhaps a goal, your dream, your business or your social media – and you know where you are now and where you want to be, but you’re caught in the middle trying to figure out the ‘how’.

How do I get to where I want to be?

It’s a position Joy Foster, our chief TechPixie, is in right now. So she’s recorded a podcast episode with a piece of advice that helped her and will change the way you think about the word ‘how’. You’ll want to have a pen and paper ready. ✍️

Here’s why you need to tune in

You’ll hear Joy’s (peaceful) call to arms to encourage more women into tech and why learning social media could be the start of something amazing – just as it has been for TechPixies alumni Tracy Davenport, Michal Kahn and Maria Collins. Learn more about the 7 fundamental principles you need for social media success with handy tips on how you can leverage them. And stay tuned for that mic drop moment about the word ‘how’. 

Here’s what to listen out for:

[03:34] What is the messy middle? 

[09:20] Tackling gender equality through AI.

[14:19] Why is TechPixies called TechPixies?

[17:37] Learn about Joy’s experience of the messy middle?

[20:54] Know that the how is known. 

[23:54] Discover the 7 fundamental principles of social media.

[28:54] Learn how social media can change lives. 

[43:03] Growing an engaged following with PomTiddlyPom. 

[48:40] The 8th fundamental principle of social media.

[51:59] Hear about the TechPixies PROGRESSION membership. 

[57:30] Tune in for 2 lessons on the messy middle. 

🎧 Move forwards. Hit play now. ▶️▶️▶️

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