[Episode 117] Stronger than ever. How to create a clothing brand and attract the attention of the BBC’s Dan Walker ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 117] Stronger than ever. How to create a clothing brand and attract the attention of the BBC’s Dan Walker

We’ll always be fans of brands that love stars as much as we do! ⭐ But we’ll become superfans of brands that combine a love of stars with poppin’ colours and rockin’ messages. 💖

We’ve fallen head over heels for PomTiddlyPom and its creators Jess Christie and Han Walker. Because, as you’ll discover when you hit play on this week’s podcast episode, these big-hearted sisters LOVE making people happy. 

Whether it’s giving peeps a little boost with a sweatshirt that has Stronger.Than.Ever emblazoned across the front, or making our day here at TechPixies by becoming headline sponsors of our FAB Box Giveaway (congrats to the lucky winners once again 👏), you’re going to love hearing what makes these sisters tick. 

Here’s why you need to tune in

From the nod to their dad in their clothing to how they use Instagram to win followers and influence people (including BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker no less), Jess and Han are building their business their way. And we’re totally here for it. You’ll discover how they started, what’s working for them on social media, and why it’s ok to give stuff away (well, within reason!). 😂

Here’s what to listen out for:

[00:59] How starting a business with one idea can evolve. 

[03:50] How family can inspire your business. 

[06:20] The power of a strong message.

[10:45] Discover how Jess and Han are using social media. 

[15:46] What do we mean by evergreen social media? 

[18:21] Starting a product-based business? Hear Jess, Han and Joy discuss the lessons they’ve learnt. 

[21:14] How do you attract some celeb attention? 

🎁 If you love PomTiddlyPom’s products as much as we do, you’ll be chuffed to learn that Jess and Han are kindly offering a 10% discount when you use the code TECHPIXIES10 online at pomtiddlypom.co.uk. Get those orders in! 

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