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Partners in Believing

When I founded TechPixies, I knew I wanted to help as many women as possible become financially independent by upskilling with social media so that they could return to work, change careers or start a business. Since 2015, we’ve provided £300,000 of scholarships to over 300 women – this has been in the form of reduced tuition for women on PIP, ESA or Universal Credit and those who come from ethnically diverse or LGBTQ+ backgrounds, as well as women over 60+, and women with visible and invisible illness/disabilities.

Thanks to the Partners in Believing Fund, as of 31 December 2022, we have so far raised £6997!

  • £1,630 from our monthly contributions
  • £4,639 from our Social Media Festival (April 2022)
  • £828 from our Money Mindset Masterclass sales

And in 2022, we provided scholarships to 40% of our students. £911 was the average scholarship meaning the total scholarship fund allocated was £21,864.

While our fund hasn’t yet been able to fully cover the true cost of delivering our scholarships YET, we are eternally grateful that we’ve been able to cover 32% of our 2022 scholarship needs because of our partners in believing.

The Partners in Believing Fund came about because a group of women within our community came to me and asked me how they could help TechPixies, particularly when it came to funding scholarships.

The fund has been developed in order to help TechPixies do 3 things:

1. Fund advancements in technology that will enhance our training programmes
2. Supplement the cost of the team that delivers our incredible products
3. Fund the gap between what scholarship students pay and the true cost of their transformation

There are several ways to donate and I would love to have you as a Partner in Believing.

As you consider becoming a Partner in Believing, let me share some of the thoughts from our founding partners as to why they felt it was important to support TechPixies in a monthly, long-term partnership:

Anne-Louise became a partner in believing because “TechPixies has had a profound effect on my life. Having someone to guide you as you reconsider your life and then dare to dream and believe in big dreams, is very powerful. I’d love for everyone, regardless of their financial situation, to be able to benefit from this. When the chips are down, we need to dream big and believe in ourselves ‘or something better still’. Another part of what TechPixies has given me has been acknowledging the abundance I have in my life – of love, time, opportunities, and earnings. And not to be protective of that but to be generous and deserving of more. Being a Partner in Believing marries up these two elements for me – helping others, whilst reminding myself of my own abundance and deserving. It’s a great programme to be a part of.”

Ruby became a partner in believing because “Having TechPixies as my Partner in Believing has given me the ability and tools to achieve way more than I knew I could. There’s something special about another soul who understands and cheers you on. Everyone needs Partners in Believing, for life! That’s why I’m giving back to TechPixies. They were my first Partner in Believing and this is my opportunity to express my gratitude for believing in me! Thank you TechPixies. 💕”

No woman should feel held back by their age, sexual orientation, ethnic background, physically seen (or unseen) challenges, or socioeconomic status.

Together, with the TechPixies Partners in Believing Fund, we can ensure everyone thrives. 

Be Brave and Sparkle! 🤩

Do you have questions about the Fund? Feel free to email [email protected] and we will come back to you. For the time being, TechPixies will pay 20% tax on any donations received. However, it is our long-term ambition that we set up a charity that manages the Fund. We also accept one-off donations and corporate partnerships. Our website will track the funds raised and report on where the funds have been allocated. We have an initial 12-month goal of raising £100,000 for the Partners in Believing Fund.