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#12 The Habit of Words: 3 of the Worst Things that Women Tell Themselves Every Day

We’ve been talking about habits recently and I would venture to guess that most people think that a habit has more to do with physical things we do every day: what we eat, how we exercise, arriving on time (or late!), how we spend our money, when we go to bed, etc.

What we don’t realise is that words and what we say to ourselves every day is just as much a habit as what we put in our bodies or what time we go to bed.

Here are 3 of worst things that we as women tell ourselves every day… let’s see if you relate to any of them:

When going for a job or a promotion, we tell ourselves: “I’m not good enough…”

When looking in the mirror in the morning, we say “I don’t like that bit of my body…”

When thinking about our future hopes and dreams, we think “It is too late for me to accomplish that…”

Have you said these things? I know I have.

We think we can’t get the job or the promotion because we don’t have the confidence to put ourselves up for it knowing that we can acquire the skillset needed.

We don’t like that part of our body – because we never have – and we never will if we don’t change the internal dialogue.

We give up on future hopes and dreams because we let the past and present dictate the future instead of putting a plan in place to change the future.

If we don’t change the dialogue, the outcome will remain the same. Changing a the habit of what we tell ourselves is just as important as changing the physical habits such as what we eat and what we do with our time.

Here’s how you change it: Start with Positive Affirmation

I love the book ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale and have gifted it to a few of our TechPixies over the years. I first read the book in 2003 when I was trying to make the US Archery Team and found myself constantly battling fear of failure as much as fear of success.

Only with time and practice (16 years!!!), have I come to believe what he says to be true. It is hard at first to think that changing your internal dialogue will actually make a difference – but over time it does. It is like a constant drip of water on a rock that eventually splits the rock in half.

If you make the effort every single day to change your internal dialogue, one day you will get that job or promotion, one day you will walk past the mirror and say ‘hey sexy’ and one day the hopes and dreams of your heart will actually become a reality.

BUT you have to work at it. You have to fight those negative thoughts each and every time they come. I would describe it like putting on an armour of positive words and actions. Literally you have to become a ruthless Brienne of Tarth when it comes to protecting your inner thoughts.

In addition to positive affirmations, there are specific ways that you can say things that will help you change that dialogue. In our Summer School Info Session coming up on the 15th and 16th of May, I’ll be telling you the ONE LITTLE WORD you can add to your dialogue that will make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

We’ll also be talking about the 7 different pieces of modern technology we teach at TechPixies and why learning them can boost your confidence, helping you to feel more positive about going back to work, changing careers or starting a business (or maybe even asking for the promotion!).

AND… I’ll show you want is possible when you change your inner dialogue and set yourself up with a new digital skillset. I’ll share some of the lovely success stories from women who have come through our programme and gone on to set up businesses or get stimulating and fulfilling jobs.

I invite you to join us for the Summer School Info Session!