Summer School Info Session: 3 Keys to Taking Control of Your Future by Upskilling with Modern Technology

Do you want to know how you can leverage modern technology to boost your confidence and re-ignite your earning power without breaking the bank or losing precious time with your loved ones?

In this FREE Info Session, you’ll learn:

– 1 –

Why a SMALL shift in mindset can make a HUGE difference

I’ll teach you ONE WORD that will start to open doors for you.

– 2 –

Which MODERN TECHNOLOGIES you should start with when UPSKILLING

Canva, Google Drive, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Buffer are my top 7 picks and I’ll show you why on this webinar.

– 3 –

What your FUTURE COULD LOOK LIKE after you upskill

I’ll give you examples of women who took our course and have gone on to successfully return to work, change careers or start a business. 

– 4 –

Why you are luckier than me!

and how I can spare you the pain I went through by giving you a proven CPD Certified programme that I’ve developed to get results!

It is truly possible to boost your confidence, reignite your earning power and have true job satisfaction by upskilling with modern technology.

Whether you’ve taken a career break or you want to upskill within your current role or dream of setting up your own business, learning modern technology coupled with amazing life coaching tools is BY FAR ONE OF THE BEST WAYS to start making your hopes and dreams a reality.

If you’ve been out of the workplace for a while or even in the same job for a long time, so much has changed and there’s A HUGE OPPORTUNITY for you to take control of your future with a new mindset and digital skillset.

Join me to get fully updated on what it takes to boost your confidence, reignite your earning power and find fulfilling and stimulating work.

This Online Info Session is a MUST ATTEND if…

⭐ You want up your game when it comes to your tech skills and boost your confidence.

⭐ You want financial independence or contributing to the household bottom line is a priority for you.

⭐ You are keen to learn a new skillset that will lead to an exciting and engaging future.

⭐ You want to know more about our Online Summer School which starts 24 May

⭐ OR You want to know more about our Face to Face courses in London and Oxford which launch in October.

A Personal Invitation From Joy Foster, Founder of TechPixies…

I’ve been working in technology for nearly 2 decades and have been teaching others how to use it since 2013.

18 cohorts and over 200 students later, our team has been delivering life-changing courses since 2015. We know the exact ingredients that differentiate real transformation from one that only gives knowledge but not a mindset shift.

This upcoming Online Info Session is a culmination of what I’ve learned in helping women like yourself return to work, become more valuable to their employers or start a business.

If you are committed to making 2019 the year that you finally take control of your future, I can’t wait to help you get there faster and in a way that suits your lifestyle.

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See you soon!

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