[Episode 94] Want to know how to play big? Hear how Joy Foster, our fab founder, did it with one simple question ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 94] Want to know how to play big? Hear how Joy Foster, our fab founder, did it with one simple question

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go!

🚀 Go and get out of your comfort zone

🚀 Go pick up the phone to that client…boss…investor

🚀 Go invest in our Social Media Superhero Bootcamp 😉

We’ve got Mel Robbins to thank for the 5-second rule, and it’s one that Joy, our rather awesome founder, has been using for years.

It’s got her through VAT returns, jumping into rivers after her runs, and getting funding and investment for her businesses (yep, she’s founded three of them!).

It’s also helped Joy play just that little bit bigger in life, a topic we’re so keen to cover on the Sparkle & Thrive podcast that we’re dedicating an entire series to it. It’s time for a ‘whoop, yeah!’ because we’ve got a whole heap of inspirational figures lined up who’ll be popping by for mic drop moments galore and flashes of business brilliance.

But, back to this week…

Here’s why you need to tune in

If your business vision is a bit like the British summer (occasional bursts of sun with early morning mist and clouds rolling in 😆), this episode is for you. You’ll hear how asking yourself one simple question could be the key to having the impact you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll learn why playing big starts by playing small, and you’ll discover that you don’t need to worry about the ‘how’; you’ve just got to hang out in the space marked ‘what if it works’.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[02:16] Find out what playing big means

[04:57] Hear where Joy’s journey began

[11:06] Joy dreams of playing big, but…

[17:15] Learn the power of the 5-second rule.

[19:59] Find out where TechPixies started.

[24:38] Why you need to play small to play big.:

[27:39] Discover what playing big is all about.

[31:57] Learn about the ‘Be, Do, Have’ model.

[36:07] Do what you love.

Remember… if it doesn’t scare you, it’s a plan, not a dream! 🌈


Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Holly Tucker – Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Jennifer Allwood – Fear Is Not The Boss of You

Brita Fernandez Schmidt – Fears to Fierce

Tara Mohr – Playing Big

TechPixies Sparkle & Thrive Podcast – Charity and Social Enterprise Series


Mel Robbins – The 5 Second Rule

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