[Episode 67] She sells crochet kits, she does workshops, and she’s even been on TV! How TechPixie Carol Ibbetson turned her passion into one cool business ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 67] She sells crochet kits, she does workshops, and she’s even been on TV! How TechPixie Carol Ibbetson turned her passion into one cool business

You know Christmas has come early when we give you not one but two podcast episodes to enjoy in a week! And our bonus episode is an absolute Christmas cracker.

In a matter of months, TechPixie Carol Ibbetson from Cool Wool Designs has set up a website, added craft kits to her online shop, and she’s even found the time to pop on TV to do some demonstrations (phew!). How’s that for some awesome #WINS!

We can’t say we’re surprised, though. Not only is Carol a super talented crafter, but she’s not one to sit on her laurels. She already had experience as a freelance pattern checker and editor, so when her career in IT went up in a puff of smoke thanks to COVID-19, she instantly set about turning her passion for wool and yarn into a full-time business.

Here’s why you need to tune in

Not only will this episode inspire anyone hoping to change careers or start their own business, but there is some amazing advice you need to hear. You’ll learn the revelation Carol has had with Pinterest and why Facebook Groups might just be the way forward for anyone with something to teach. Plus, with Carol about to take her workshops online 👏, it won’t be long before you can get your knitting needles out and join in the crafting fun.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[01:47 ] Hear how busy Carol has been in the past few months.

[04:20] Carol describes how she felt doing her first live video.

[07:28] Carol describes her revelation.

[09:09] Learn about the power of Facebook Groups.

[13:11] Why Carol is thinking of moving away from pounds per hour.

[18:09] Discover where Carol’s passion for craft started.

And, if you’re still looking to spread some joy this festive season, you’re going to love this little treat. Carol is giving our lovely listeners a 10% discount on her fabulous craft products. Simply use the code TECHPIXIES at the Cool Wool Designs shop.

So, press play now, and warmest festive wishes to you and your loved ones.

Links and resources mention in this episode:

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Matt and Amanda Parkin – The Awesome Ukulele Academy

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