[Episode 86] Want to return to work or change careers? You’ll need to dream it, design it and do it, says TechPixie and career coach Padma Knowles ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 86] Want to return to work or change careers? You’ll need to dream it, design it and do it, says TechPixie and career coach Padma Knowles

JUST STOP IT, STOP IT! 🛑 Don’t worry, this isn’t a deliberate attention-grabbing ploy on our part (although we’re delighted you’ve stopped what you’re doing to read this!). You’ve just experienced the power of a ‘pattern interrupt’. It’s a nifty little trick Joy, our fab founder, employs whenever she needs to shift her energy or focus, and it’s a tactic she discusses with our guest on this week’s episode of the Sparkle and Thrive podcast.

Having experienced a tumultuous year in the recruitment business, Padma Knowles knows the power of shifting your energy And in this week’s podcast, we’re treated to not just the story of her success but also to golden nuggets galore that’ll prove invaluable to anyone looking to return to work or change careers.

Here’s why you need to tune in

You’ll learn the secrets to finding work you love (hint: it all comes down to values and finding your ‘why’). You’ll discover the power of living consciously and how to turn on your very own abundance projector. 📽️ And you’ll hear how, with a bit of help from Padma, career success is yours for the taking; it’s simply a case of learning how to dream it, design it and do it.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[02:18] Padma talks about her involvement with Smart Works.

[05:49] Hear why values matter.

[15:27] Ask potential employers this question at interview.

[15:59] How to deal with a career break.

[19:03] Joy talks about being authentic.

[21:31] The importance of the energy you bring to the table.

[29:42] The power of conscious living.

[32:36] Use the ‘pattern interrupt’.

[35:14] Turn on the abundance projector.

[41:25] Padma reveals her 3D Method.

[46:35] Joy reveals her struggles with visualisation.

[48:47] Work out your ‘why’.

[53:19] Padma dishes out some top tips in a mini Q&A.

So, to put yourself in the driver’s seat of the career you want, tune in now.

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Amy Cuddy TED Talk – Your body language may shape who you are

Mary Morrissey – Abundance Masterclass

Brené Brown Podcast with Melinda Gates – The Moment of Lift

Adrienne Herbert – Power Hour

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