[Episode 35] How do I talk about a career break on my CV and LinkedIn profile? ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 35] How do I talk about a career break on my CV and LinkedIn profile?

Career breaks happen for many reasons: childcare, becoming a carer for an elderly parent, mental or physical health illness, or just a period of re-evaluation.

This episode in our May ‘Return to Work’ series looks at how to address career breaks on your CV and LinkedIn as well as covers how to talk about a career break in an interview.

Firstly, we hear from Helen Wright, founder and managing director of 9to3jobs. Helen is an expert on finding flexible work that you’ll love! Visit 9to3 jobs here to get applying.

Then, we delve deeper into the world of CVs with expert Sandie Reed, who is a firm favourite of TechPixies. When you have absorbed the information, if you feel you would like Sandie to work with you on your CV, you visit her website here

Lastly, I chat with Farhan Raja, a professional interview-ologist! (He actually studies the science of interviews). Farhan describes a career break for childcare as necessary for “the survival of the human race!” Head here to do a free 20-minute consultation with Farhan on your interview technique.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ but to hear more about these solutions, tips and many more watch the live above or listen to the podcast here👇