[Episode 63] Hear how Philippa Iles changed careers to rock our world with Pinterest and learn her top Pinterest tips that’ll light up your own business ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 63] Hear how Philippa Iles changed careers to rock our world with Pinterest and learn her top Pinterest tips that’ll light up your own business

Pinterest. We’re not going to lie; for years, we just used this visual search engine as ‘pinspiration’ to help create mood boards for home decorating projects (or, in the case of our founder, choose carpets!). But according to one TechPixie here at HQ, Pinterest is about so much more than lusting after stylish interiors. Yep, sit up and pay attention, tribe, because Philippa Iles, our very own Pinterest queen, is revealing a ton of top Pinning tips in this week’s Sparkle and Thrive podcast.

It’s thanks to Pip that TechPixies has a Pinterest module at all. Already a self-confessed Pinterest nut, Pip nudged our founder Joy to get our Pinterest module off the ground and suddenly found herself as TechPixies’ Pinterest coach. Today, she’s both TechPixies’ chief pinner extraordinaire (not her official title) and our chief marketing officer. When she’s not doing that, Pip somehow manages to find the time to run her very own business – The Social Giraffe – with her sister. And it’s The Social Giraffe’s Pinterest Ads Hustle course that gets a little mention in this week’s episode (and, boy, do you need this course in your life!).

Here’s why you need to tune in

Pinterest might be Pip’s passion, but it took a while for Pip to realise that this was her calling. For years, Pip worked as a headteacher before a major life event saw her hit a brick wall, forcing her to realise that things had to change. This episode is dedicated to how Pip turned her passion into a business and how that’s possible for you, too. It’s also an episode that will fire up your imagination as Pip reveals the world of possibilities that exist with Pinterest. There’s profit in Pins – you just need to know how to maximise them. Luckily, Pip is here to guide you every step of the way.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[02:40] Pip talks about finally finding work/life balance.

[06:54] Pip reveals her passion for Pinterest.

[12:35] Learn the difference between an interrupter and an enhancer.

[17:55] Hear Pip’s brilliant strategy plan.

[19:11] So, what’s a sales funnel?

[28:33] Learn how to find out if your audience is on Pinterest.

[30:48] Hear the two main reasons people are on Pinterest.

[36:23] Learn about Pip’s Pinterest Ads Hustle course.

[38:55] If you’re in these industries, you need to be on Pinterest.

[45:42] Hear how Pip’s life has changed.

[53:02] Why you need to build in creative time and pre-schedule your week.

[59:05] If you’re in a career you know isn’t right for you, you’ll love Pip’s parting advice.

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Connect with Pip at The Social Giraffe

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