[Episode 38] From cleaning offices at the age of 11 to running two of the most powerful networks for women in the UK, Vanessa Vallely tells her story

We need to talk about diversity and equality! This is a worldwide issue right now, as we’re all very aware. In this episode, which was planned before the awful death of George Floyd, I wanted to speak to one of the true Queens of equality, diversity and inclusion in Tech, Vanessa Vallely. 

It’s clear from this livecast that Vanessa Vallely is not a ‘sit back and take it’ kind of gal!  In the early days, whilst working at the same company as her husband, she noticed that his career “massively accelerated” and hers didn’t. She initially believed it had to do with gender differences but in the end, concluded that it was more about the networks he created.

“[My career not advancing] had nothing to do with [gender]. It has to do with the fact of the way that we operated at work… I was creating this busy brand that was doing me no favors, whereas he was getting out he was networking he was telling his story. He was gaining sponsorship, people would open doors for him… so all of that exposure worked for him.

…and you think I’d watch that and go Okay, what’s he got that I haven’t? That network, that sponsorship, that confidence to go and say what he wants to do -and I still didn’t pick it up!”

So go get it! ‘Think big’ is another big mantra for Vanessa, if women from any background want to be successful, they’ve got to think big and put themselves out there. 

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