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So you can feel confident about your ability to leverage social media so that you can return to work, change careers or start a business.

(Even if you feel like a tech dinosaur and aren’t sure where to start OR you’ve been in the social media game for a while but want to get CPD certification to acknowledge your awesome social media skills)

In these 4 FREE TRAINING SESSIONS, you’ll learn:

– FREE Training Session 1 –

Why a SMALL shift in mindset can make a HUGE difference

The power of the right mindset! In 2018, TechPixies won the Women in Business Startup of the Year award and much of it came down to the right mindset and believing, as a company, that we could overcome barriers and find solutions in order to serve more women in the UK and beyond. Having the right mindset will open the right doors.

I’ll teach you ONE LITTLE WORD that has a BIG IMPACT that will start to open doors for you if you use it.

– FREE Training Session 2 –

Why it is important to know how to leverage social media professionally in 2019/2020

“Social Media Specialists are considered to be amongst the jobs of the future with the largest hiring growth.” – World Economic Forum

In this free training session, we’ll talk about how earning CPD Certification in social media can supercharge your social media skills, helping you to confidently return to work, change careers or start a business OR if you are already working in Social Media, you’ll learn how CPD Certification can have a positive impact on your ability to charge what you are worth so you can ditch imposter syndrome when it comes to your social media skillset.

– FREE Training Session 3 –

Your Social Media Magic Success Path

Meet Sophie: Now one of our Superstar TechPixies and our London lead facilitator and VIP online co-facilitator, Sophie had zero professional knowledge of social media when she joined our programme in February of 2018. Since then, she has worked her way through the TechPixies Social Media Magic Success Path and is now helping like minded women to do the same.

In this free training session, I’m going to walk you through the TechPixies Social Media Magic Success Path. I’ll give you the exact road map that hundreds of women have used to go from social media spectators to social media stars and superstars. Not only will I give you a proven system but I’ll breakdown the milestones that need to hit in order to feel confident about your next steps.

– FREE Training Session 4 –

Who’s ready for some Social Media Magic?

I hope you will join us on this journey! I have been blessed to see hundreds of lovely women come through this programme, many of whom are now close friends and colleagues. I’ve seen women time and time again leverage their new social media savviness to return to work, change careers or start a business.

In our final free training session, I’ll invite you to learn more about our award-winning Social Media Magic programme and introduce you to some of our alumni who have returned to work, change career or started a business confidently. You’ll get to ask questions and get answers in real time about what it is like to be apart of the amazing TechPixies tribe and the transformation that is possible in your life as a result of learning how to use social media professionally.

We’ll talk about the 7 pieces of technology we teach on the TechPixies programme, why they are important and how you can leverage them for yourself or an employer AND we’ll talk about the action plan and the milestones you’ll hit along the way to becoming social media savvy. 

I’ll also address any questions you have about pricing, payment plans, face to face vs. online learning and CPD Certification. 

It is truly possible to leverage social media in order to return to work, change careers or start a business.

If you’ve been out of the workplace for a while or even in the same job for a long time, so much has changed with regards to the work landscape, add onto that all the improvements in technology and it is easy to feel left behind.

But believe it or not, it is because of these changes that you currently have A HUGE OPPORTUNITY to get back in the game and find flexible work you love.

AND for those of you who have been in the social media game for a while but don’t yet have CPD Certification, getting it will be important for your confidence when it comes to earning what you are worth and ditching the feeling that you are imposter.

This Free Training is a MUST ATTEND if…

⭐ You want stop feeling like a dinosaur when it comes to tech and instead want to improve your tech skills.

⭐ If you have been practicing social media professionally for a while but don’t have a professional qualification and want to earn CPD Certification which acknowledges your social media skills.

⭐ You are keen to learn how to supercharge your social media skills in order to confidently return to work, change careers or start a business.

A Personal Invitation from me, Joy Foster, Founder of TechPixies…

I’ve been working in technology for nearly 2 decades and have been teaching others how to use it since 2013.

19 cohorts and over 200 students later, our team has been delivering life-changing Social Media courses since 2015. I know the exact ingredients that differentiate real transformation from one that only gives knowledge but not a mindset shift.

The training sessions I’ve put together is a culmination of what I’ve learned in helping women like yourself upskill with social media in order to return to work, change career or start a business.

If you are committed to making 2019 the year that you decide to learn how to use social media professionally, I can’t wait to help you get there faster and in a way that suits you personally.

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