Unconscious bias is REAL and I just did in front of hundreds of people. I'm very sorry - especially to Debbie. ⋆ TechPixies

Unconscious bias is REAL and I just did in front of hundreds of people. I’m very sorry – especially to Debbie.

I can’t believe I did it!

I fight every day against ‘ unconscious bias’ AND then when I was thinking on my feet (aka unconsciously) in last week’s live, I picked ‘Debbie Downer’ to describe the opposite of an ungrateful person.

The crazy thing is… last week’s live was one of THE MOST POPULAR lives we’ve ever done (and it is the middle of the summer!). So not only did I live out unconscious bias on a LIVE feed but one that was seen by hundreds of people.

Two reasons this was wrong (thanks Deborah, who emailed me and pointed out my errors):

  1. I picked a WOMAN’S name to be the ‘downer’
  2. I degraded all DEBBIES by using that instead of another name

SOOOO…. to all the Debbies out there – please know you have my heartfelt apology. And thank you Deborah for being brave enough to speak up about how you felt.

Here at TechPixies we base everything off our values which are represented in the word SPARKLE – Supportive, Positive, Authentic Relationships with Women who are Keen to Learn and want to be Empowered. We are not about encouraging stereotypes and spreading unconscious bias.

That point leads me nicely to my next dilemma and I would ❤️ LOVE ❤️ to know your opinion (in the comments of the Facebook post please!)

Tech Dino or Social Media Savvy?

Many women, when speaking about their tech skills say to me ‘I feel like such a dinosaur’. Lisa (our new digital marketing assistant – who we hired out of the TechPixies programme BTW) and I had a total blast coming up with all sorts of dinosaur names for a potential quiz like:

🦕 Stagnate-o-saurous

🦖 Tyrannosaurus Wreck

🦕 Geriactyl (for pterodactyl) obviously

🦖 Tricera-stopped

The point of creating the dinosaur characters was to help women decide which ones they were and then ENCOURAGE them to work towards making that dinosaur extinct and resurfacing in the 21st century with top notch tech skills – like Social Media and WordPress.

We decided to ask women what they thought… would they prefer a ‘What kind of Tech Dino are you?’ quiz OR would they prefer ‘How Social Media Savvy are you?’

HANDS DOWN… with only one exception ALL THE LADIES said they would prefer the ‘How Social Media Savvy are you?’ quiz.

Have you weighed in on this argument yet? If not, post in the Facebook comments of the video. I’d love to know.

I also have a bunch of ‘dino swag’ and I need to know what to do with it!!! Should we still give it away? Let me know in the comments (or if you get this via email, reply back and let me know any good ideas).

Regardless of whether you are a ‘tech dino’ or on the lower end of the ‘social media savvy scale’, that isn’t what matters. Once you’ve identified where you are now, you have to always ask yourself the question…

Where do I want to be?

What’s coming up?

In the next few weeks, we’ll be putting together some initiatives as we build up to our autumn cohort – such as a private pop up Facebook group for people who are thinking about joining the TechPixies programme and want to ask all sorts of questions about it.

We’ll also be creating content that will help you decide if learning about social media is something you want to do. To make sure you don’t miss anything, please join our mailing list so you don’t miss any announcements (like when our social media savvy quiz is ready or when our private pop up Facebook group goes live).

You can sign up here to our weekly tips.

Or if you are a women who is looking to return to work, download our pdf outlining the 4 reasons why upskilling with social media has the ability to reverse the negative impacts of a career break. You can grab your copy here.

Where am I? And Why?!?

You might have also noticed that I’m not in my usual filming spot. My husband offered to take the kids for a few days and so I took advantage of it and planned 2 AWAY DAYS in order to plan our year.

As you know, if you’ve been following my lives for a while, my super hero is Amy Porterfield and I’ve been listening to her podast regularly now for the past 6 months. Recently she talked about how she and her project manager go away each quarter for 2 days to plan. I thought this was brilliant and so I decided to do it too.

The amount of clarity that came to us in those two days WAS INCREDIBLE. We have not only planned out the next 10 weeks, but we have spent a LOT of time thinking about the TechPixies Success Path – what it looks like, what the milestones are and the actions people need to take in order to reach them.

We’ll be rolling out the new success path soon so stay tuned and if you are already an ALUMNI… we have an exciting extension to your current learning plan that will help you go from being a Social Media Savvy Star to becoming a Social Media Savvy Super Star!

I’m excited about the future of TechPixies and I hope you are too. Looking forward to the rest of the summer as we plan towards a really impactful September and beyond.