Time is money. Don’t let it bring your business down. ⋆ TechPixies

Time is money. Don’t let it bring your business down.

The United Kingdom has 5.7 million small businesses, and small business accounts for 99% of all businesses in the UK.

TechPixies recognises the impact small business has on the UK’s economy and our founder and CEO Joy Foster is always looking for ways to help other business owners and start-ups navigate the challenges that being in small business presents.

One of the key challenges business owners face is Time Management. Business owners often wear all the hats, and the juggle to meet deadlines, manage competing priorities, deliver to client expectations, develop new products and services and more is ever present.

Joy Foster of TechPixies understands these time challenges only too well. To this end, she was happy to share with other business owners her best time management tips in a new business book, SMART Time Investment for Business: 128 ways the best in business use their time, by best selling author and time management expert Kate Christie.

Time management is a learned skill. Up to 40% of your time is recoverable with good time management. “Time is a finite and enormously valuable resource,” says Christie, “and just like your money, if you want to grow your wealth and your success you must invest it wisely.

Joy Foster added “Over the past 11 years of working for myself the number one thing I know I need apart from self-discipline is time management. Which is why this book by Kate Christie is so important for me. There are tons of tips in it from formidable British business women such as Holly Tucker (Not on the High Street) and Sarah Wood (Unruly).”

SMART Time Investment for Business, provides 128 short, sharp, and practical productivity strategies that business owners can implement for immediate results. The strategies are punctuated with tips and anecdotes from leading business people from around the world, including Joy Foster who share how they use time to their advantage. Reclaim more than 30 hours a month and start living the life you dreamed of when you started your business.

SMART Time Investment for Business – 128 ways the Best in Business Use their Time, is available just in time for business owners to get a jump start on their time management in 2019.

To purchase the book, go to https://www.timestylers.com/smart-time-investment-for-business/ or Amazon. RRP is $24.99