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Summer School FAQ

Welcome to Summer School! We’ve created this page as we are getting a lot of similar questions in our support inbox and we thought a dedicated FAQ page might help!

Where can I find the Summer School Dashboard?

Summer School is hosted on a platform called ‘Searchie’. To access the Summer School Dashboard you must log into The TechPixies Learning Hub. You can get there by going to You might want to bookmark this!

Once in the hub, you can click on the Summer School Dashboard. A quick link for that is On the Summer School Dashboard, you’ll be able to access the:

  • Key Information Sheet
  • Zoom Links & Calendar
  • Daily Action Plan
  • The CPD Certification Quizzes
  • The CPD Modules & Bonuses

Where can I find the Quizzes?

If you are brand new to TechPixies and have only signed up for Summer School, then please take note that the quizzes happen on THIS WEBSITE ( and not in Searchie. In order to access the quizzes, you need to register using this link: Registering is FREE but you can’t access the quizzes otherwise. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to access the quizzes directly from the CPD modules in the Learning Hub.

If you are an alumni (part of our VIP Group coaching programme), then the quiz links should work for you. Here’s a video that might help explain why they weren’t working but they should work now.

How many logins should I have?

REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU ARE NEW OR AN ALUMNI, YOU WILL HAVE 2 LOGINS – one for learning and one for the quizzes. The learning is on ‘Searchie’ and the quizzes are on If you are a self-study member who joined on a special offer for summer school – you will have a 3rd login (sorry about that!) but that is only for self-study and not for summer school!

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]. Thank you!