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Self Paced Digital Marketing Principles

Following on from our popular Social Media Course, we’ve launched a new course exploring Digital Marketing. While social media deserves its own course as there are several aspects to it, it is just one element of the overarching skill of digital marketing.

Digital marketing includes things like… Strategy and Planning, SEO, Content Marketing (understanding inbound), WordPress, Email Marketing and Analytics and Reporting.

On this course, you will learn how to put together a digital marketing plan for a client with an overview to all aspects of digital marketing and it will teach you how to report on the results of that digital marketing plan.

So many digital marketers miss this vital step and spend a lot of time ‘fire fighting’ rather than planning and analysing. It is this extra step where you learn what works and what didn’t work. It also helps you start to understand ROI (Return on Investment), particularly when you can convert people from browsing your website or your social to joining a mailing list to actually purchasing what you are selling.

Overview of the module breakdown (module order may change depending on availability of experts):

  • Module 1: Strategy & Planning
  • Module 2: Essentials of WordPress
  • Module 3: Essentials of SEO
  • Module 4: Essentials of Content Marketing (understanding inbound)
  • Module 5: Essentials of Email Marketing with MailChimp
  • Module 6: Analytics & Reporting