[Episode 95] From Downing Street to Diapers. Playing big in politics and podcasts with Jimmy McLoughlin, a former adviser to Theresa May ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 95] From Downing Street to Diapers. Playing big in politics and podcasts with Jimmy McLoughlin, a former adviser to Theresa May

Days don’t get much bigger than when the Prime Minister pops in to say ‘hi’. 👋

Back in 2017, Joy Foster received a call that set in motion one of the most incredible days in the wonderful world of TechPixies.

This was the day Theresa May swung by to check out exactly how Joy sprinkles her special brand of Pixie dust in tech education 😲. This was be the day TechPixies got namechecked on national TV and hits to the website exploded 🎉. And, perhaps most importantly of all, this was the day Theresa May got her mitts on a TechPixies’ mug (Oh, yes! Whoop! 😆).

It was also the day Joy met Jimmy McLoughlin, the man who made it all happen.

And as an adviser to the second female British Prime Minister in history, Joy thought Jimmy would have a tip or two on what it takes to play big.

Ladies, she wasn’t wrong!

Here’s why you need to tune in

What we’ve got for you packaged in 45 glorious minutes are some amazing insights from a man who saw what it took to lead the country at one of its most pivotal moments. You’ll also hear what it’s like to try and find your path having left a position of influence, particularly when you’re a stay-at-home parent. And you’ll come away realising what’s possible when you make the most of your ‘unicorn time’ (yep, actually a thing!). 🦄

Here’s what to listen out for:

[00:56] Hear the brilliant story that brought Jimmy and Joy into each other’s worlds.

[10:51] Jimmy discusses his thoughts on the qualities of senior female politicians.

[18:01] Listen out for the campaign that aims to get more women into politics.

[21:24] Jimmy talks about making the most of his ‘unicorn time’ as a stay-at-home dad.

[27:56] Joy and Jimmy discuss modern employment and the impact of the pandemic.

[37:44] Jimmy provides a reminder about the importance of the language we use.

[44:21] Tune in for Jimmy’s powerful final point.

This is how you play big, people! ▶️ PRESS PLAY NOW.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

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Isabel Hardman – Why We Get The Wrong Politicians

Eve Rodsky – Fair Play

Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future – Anne Boden, Starling Bank

Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future – Pip Jamieson, The Dots

Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future – Kathryn Parsons, Decoded

JImmy Jobs of the Future – Hayden Wood, Bulb

Steve Jobs – Stanford University Commencement Address

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