[Episode 89] Be different, be authentic, do good. Nick Streeter reveals how SpecialEffect is using social media to spread the word about its heartwarming work ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 89] Be different, be authentic, do good. Nick Streeter reveals how SpecialEffect is using social media to spread the word about its heartwarming work

Anyone with kids will be familiar with the child-computer-bed conundrum. At bedtime, houses up and down the country ring with the collective chorus of ‘But I’m right in the middle of my game. Can’t I just have five more minutes, pleaaaaasssse?’ 🕹️

But what if you have a child that would love to be pleading for a little more screentime but feels excluded from the world of gaming because of a physical disability? Well, that’s when the superheroes at SpecialEffect step in. 🦸

This incredible charity creates bespoke gaming solutions for people with a physical disability, bringing fun and freedom to their worlds with everything from eye-controlled racing and chess to desktop-friendly robots that help kids unable to attend school interact with teachers and classmates.

And because SpecialEffect holds a special place in our hearts here at TechPixies, we thought it was high time we shared their incredible work (although, to be fair, with Kim Kardashian tweeting about its work, you’re probably already up to speed! 😂).

Cue Nick Streeter, our guest on the Sparkle and Thrive podcast this week.

Here’s why you need to tune in

Not only will you learn more about the transformational impact SpecialEffect has had on people’s lives, but you’ll also hear how the company has used social media to spread its message. There’s the awesome story of how LinkedIn helped Nick make one little boy’s day, and how being different, being authentic, and doing good is a social media mantra we should all be following.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[01:41] Nick describes the incredible work of SpecialEffect.

[06:21] Hear Nick recall a SpecialEffect magic moment.

[15:51] Discover why you should build a content arsenal.

[18:49] Learn about the Twin Town Challenge.

[21:25] Why it’s crucial you enter awards.

[28:39] Learn about the power of LinkedIn.

Tune in now, share SpecialEffect’s stories, and help make the world of gaming accessible to all by donating whatever you can here.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

SpecialEffect – Corey’s Story

Steven Bartlett – Happy Sexy Millionaire

Placi O’Neill-Espejo – TikTok

SpecialEffect – Twin Town Challenge

Jake Humphrey & Professor Damian Hughes – The High Performance Podcast

Connect with Nick

Connect with Special Effect

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