[Episode 84] Want to be a successful social media manager? How TechPixie grad turned Insta expert Kirsty Raper niched down to achieve her first financial goal in just seven months ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 84] Want to be a successful social media manager? How TechPixie grad turned Insta expert Kirsty Raper niched down to achieve her first financial goal in just seven months

Pop on to Kirsty Raper’s eye-catching Instagram account, and you’ll spy a picture of her in a rather fabulous blue suit (#wardrobewins 💅). In it, Kirsty looks every inch the successful businesswoman she is today. Except this was the first time in ten years that Kirsty had donned a suit and, underneath the broad smile, Kirsty admits she was a bundle of nerves as she headed off to pitch to her first Instagram client (you can hear all about this moment 4.5 minutes into this week’s episode).

But Kirsty didn’t let a little thing like fear get in her way (she’s overcome far more difficult challenges in her life). And, just ten months since that photo was taken, Kirsty is now an Insta queen, crushing it with top tips and tricks that make Reels look like a walk in the park. Her incredible skills have won her clients she loves and word of mouth recommendations from far and wide… oh, and it took her just seven months to reach her first-year financial target!!! 🤩

‘Wow!’ ‘How?’ We hear you cry…

Here’s why you need to tune in

This week’s podcast is rather special. Not only will you discover what’s behind Kirsty’s ‘GO FOR IT’ attitude, but you’ll also hear how that very same frame of mind helped her nail her first client just THREE WEEKS into her TechPixies’ training. You’ll discover why Kirsty’s mantra is ‘niche, niche, niche!’ and how getting clear on her business model has helped her meteoric rise to success.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[03:42] Kirsty reveals her outlook on life.

[07:32] Hear Kirsty’s top tip for anybody thinking about going into social media management.

[16:06] Discover Kirsty’s business model.

[18:31] Joy makes a revelation about Reels.

[20:45] Kirsty talks about the success of her latest Instagram challenge.

[22:43] Learn how Joy came up with the name ‘TechPixies’.

[28:23] Be amazed at how quickly Kirsty hit her first financial goal.

[31:03] Hear Kirsty’s advice on niching down and getting clear on your messaging.

[35:30] Learn where Kirsty hopes to be in 10 years.

[39:21] Discover how Kirsty makes her hours work.

[45:46] Hear Joy’s top time management tips.

[50:49] Why social media management is a job with many hats.

If you want in on the action, hit play now and discover how you can replicate Kirsty’s social media management success.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Andie McDowell – Dahlia Beach

Kirsty Raper Insta Challenge – Talking Story Challenge

Joy’s book – Social Media Success

Neill Williams – Unbusy Your Life Podcast

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