[Episode 83] What next? How TechPixies helped Gloria Wilkinson grow her fitness business and start an online membership ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 83] What next? How TechPixies helped Gloria Wilkinson grow her fitness business and start an online membership

To paraphrase one of our childhood heroes (Hannibal from The A-Team, in case you’re wondering), we love it when a plan comes together. Joy first sat down for a good old chinwag with Gloria Wilkinson last summer (she’s one of our star students. Although, to be fair, every TechPixie is a superhero in our eyes 🦸), soon after Gloria had graduated from our Social Media Magic 90-Day Transformational Programme.

And, wowzers, what a transformation she’s had (go and check out her story and tell us you’re not inspired)! So who better to kick off our new podcast series on figuring out what to do with those mad TechPixie skillz than a woman who is crushing it with her fitness membership programme? 💪

Here’s why you need to tune in

If, like Gloria, you’ve questioned your worth, tune in. If you’ve ever sat there with a million what-ifs running through your mind (‘What if no-one cares about what I’ve got to offer?, ‘What if my pricing’s not right?’, ‘What if no one joins my membership?’), you need to hit play now. And if you want to hear the unbridled joy of a woman celebrating their first paying customer, pop in those earphones right now because you’re about to experience the warm, fuzzy glow that happens when you say ‘yes’ to investing in yourself.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[07:00] Hear the mistake Gloria made when moving her fitness classes online.

[09:14] Discover Gloria’s journey on the path to earning what she felt she was worth.

[14:17] Do these roadblocks sound familiar?

[19:31] Gloria talks about what is and what isn’t working with her membership programme.

[28:06] Hear Gloria’s joy at signing up her first member.

[35:06] Learn how our Social Media Magic 90-Day Transformational Programme has helped Gloria on the path to success.

[42:48] Discover what Gloria’s future self is telling her.

[46:23] You’ll love what Gloria and Joy have to say about challenges and obstacles.

So, if you need some clarity on what to do next or are simply in need of a little sprinkle of Pixie dust in your life, hit play now. Oh, and we can highly recommend getting your ‘Glo’ on with Gloria’s awesome fitness classes. Anyone for a spot of Zumba?

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Gloria’s website – Glofitand50fit

Gloria’s previous episode – Sparkle and Thrive Podcast Episode 54

Joe Simpson – Touching the Void

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