[Episode 78] How to market your Airbnb like a pro. Amanda and Lee Jay Burningham reveal their top tips and tricks ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 78] How to market your Airbnb like a pro. Amanda and Lee Jay Burningham reveal their top tips and tricks

We’re crying into our cornflakes here at TechPixies HQ! We’re experiencing major FOMO after looking at the scroll-stopping images of The Bull Shed and remembering that we’re never going to get the chance to stay at this gorgeous getaway. Because its owners, Amanda and Lee Jay Burningham, decided to hang up their hospitality hats and close the doors to their luxury B&B in 2019.

But, lucky for us, the couple is here on this week’s Sparkle and Thrive podcast to share all their top marketing tips and tricks; imparting all those little nuggets that helped them win the five-star reviews and press coverage that every small business owner dreams of.

Yes, it helped that Amanda is a MasterChef quarter-finalist; yes 👩‍🍳, it’s a bonus that Lee Jay is the self-confessed king of ‘candles and atmos’; and, yes, it’s definitely an advantage that Lee Jay and Amanda have years of marketing and social media expertise under their built (one of them is even a former Facebook employee). But as every good TechPixie knows, knowledge doesn’t get you anywhere unless you apply it and take action 💪.

Here’s why you need to tune in

Whether you’re running an Airbnb or not, you’re going to get heaps out of this episode. You’ll hear useful tips on landing five-star reviews and why managing expectations is key, and you’ll discover how the couple found a Facebook ads strategy that helped drive bookings, Plus, you’ll come away with advice on how you can best use these final few months (🤞) of lockdown.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[03:59] Amanda touches on the couple’s first experience of running an Airbnb.

[06:01] Lee Jay explains how the couple’s next Airbnb business came to fruition.

[13:31] Find out which social media networks Amanda and Lee Jay used first.

[17:23] Listen to Amanda’s great advice on reviews.

[21:18] Then tune in to this awesome tip from Lee Jay.

[27:00] Hear how Facebook ads helped the couple generate business.

[35:10] Learn more about the couple’s Facebook ads strategy.

[41:55] Hear why Joy thinks prescheduling your posts is key.

[45:41] Find out what an organic social media strategy should be about.

[48:15] Discover Amanda and Lee Jay’s advice regarding the pandemic.

So, if you want to know how to market your business like a pro, tune in now to this week’s episode.

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