[Episode 76] Pants with purpose. Sarah Jordan on digital marketing and crowdfunding for her ethical underwear brand ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 76] Pants with purpose. Sarah Jordan on digital marketing and crowdfunding for her ethical underwear brand

Pants, briefs, smalls, drawers, undies, knickers, undercrackers (for any men out there!). Whatever you want to call them, chances are you don’t stop to think about your pants (ours are brave, naturally) as you rifle through your underwear drawer to pull on a fresh pair each morning. But imagine not having any pants to pull on at all! 😲

This is the reality Sarah Jordan discovered thousands of people face when she visited Africa to run the Uganda Marathon for charity and volunteer at local projects. Struck by the impact not having underwear could have, particularly for women and girls, Sarah returned to the UK with the germ of an idea of how she could help.

Forced to take time out from the rat race thanks to a broken ankle, Sarah suddenly had time for her idea to germinate; Y.O.U. Underwear – an ethical underwear brand that donates two pairs of pants to Smalls for All for every pair sold – was born. And, boy, has it taken off!

To date, Y.O.U Underwear has donated 14,500 pairs of pants, kept 4,000 girls in school, and has won heaps of awards for its sustainable vision. And you know the craziest thing? Sarah never expected her idea would even be a business! By simply taking one step after another, Sarah has watched her idea grow organically (excuse the pun). And she reckons anyone can do it!

Here’s why you need to tune in

You’ll learn about Sarah’s background as head of digital strategy at Oxfam and why Sarah thinks you shouldn’t view digital marketing any differently. And you’ll also discover how Sarah got Y.O.U Underwear off the ground with crowdfunding (with tips from her and Joy to help anyone thinking of going down this route) and hear Sarah’s thoughts on how we can all look good, feel good and do good 👏.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[02:17] The seed for Sarah’s business idea grows roots in Uganda.

[09.29] Sarah talks about her role as head of digital strategy at Oxfam.

[13:11] Why charity marketing forces you to be creative.

[16:41] Why digital marketing shouldn’t be seen as different.

[21:13] Hear Sarah describe her crowdfunding experience.

[27:19] Hear Joy’s crowdfunding story and how it caught the attention of the Prime Minister 🤩.

[34:02] Sarah reveals how she’s funded her company.

[40:06] Sarah takes bootstrapping to the next level and highlights why inclusive marketing is so important.

[46:04] Learn more about the ethos behind Y.O.U Underwear.

[52:47] Sarah on her positive pants and just going for it.

[1:02:21] Joy concludes with her thoughts on raising investment.

So, if you’ve temporarily mislaid your brave pants or have left them gathering dust at the back of the drawer, it’s time to pull them on and hit play on this week’s episode.

And if you want to change the world one pair of pants of time, Sarah is kindly offering listeners a 10% discount 🥳. Simply use the code TECHPIXIES when you order online.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Smalls for All

Julia Elliott Brown – Enter the Arena

Joy Foster on Fundraising Stories – Think big and grab the courage

University of Cambridge Judge Business School – Social Venture Incubator

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