[Episode 74] How do you market a clothing brand? Jo Tutchener-Sharp reveals the incredibly emotional story behind Scamp & Dude ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 74] How do you market a clothing brand? Jo Tutchener-Sharp reveals the incredibly emotional story behind Scamp & Dude

Heads up, peeps! You’ll need a box of tissues for this episode of the Sparkle and Thrive podcast. Our guest this week is a woman who runs an award-winning clothing brand that Joy, our chief TechPixie, loves so much it’s become her go-to loungewear. Joy often sports the brand’s hoodies (in a star print, naturally), which feature a tactile lightning bolt on the sleeve – aka the ‘Superpower Button’ ⚡. Because sometimes we all need to tap into our inner superpowers, right?

Scamp & Dude was born following a catastrophic moment in Jo Tutchener-Sharp’s life. Facing brain surgery and the prospect of leaving her kids without a mum, she pondered these two simple questions: am I proud of everything I’ve done in my life? And have I made a difference in people’s lives?

Realising that she wanted to live her life with purpose, the germ of an idea for a children’s clothing range began to develop. It started with t-shirts with a slogan that read ‘a superhero has my back’ and Superhero Sleep Buddies (cuddly toys with a pocket that can carry a comforting message or a photo of a parent), before Scamp & Dude diversified into clothing and accessories for adults and special-edition products created to support charities.

So popular is the brand that Jo has seen Scamp & Dude’s Instagram account go from 0 to 189K followers (although they’re not followers in Jo’s eyes, they’re all members of her community). So, how has she done it?

Here’s why you need to tune in

You’ll get the inside track on growing a clothing brand, from how you can market yourself at the very beginning to growing a community. You’ll also get some tips on working with influencers and finding a manufacturer. And you’ll even be treated to a sneak peek of one of Scamp & Dude’s soon to be launched hoodies (trust us, you’ll want to get your mitts on it!).

Here’s what to listen out for:

[04:31] Hear the moment that changed Jo’s life.

[08:51] The idea for Scamp & Dude is born.

[16:26] Learn how Jo started marketing in the early days of the brand.

[23:32] Jo outlines her approach to PR and paid advertising.

[28:18] Hear how Scamp & Dude got its most followers in one night.

[35:08] Jo describes the best moments in her business journey.

[42:38] Jo gives some pointers on Instagram.

[44:52] How do you find a manufacturer that’s right for you?

[51:12] Jo reveals how she manages it all.

If you’re a TechPixie and your superpowers need a bit of a boost, the good news is that you can enjoy a 10% discount on Scamp & Dude’s fabulous range (we’ll be emailing you the code you need). So get shopping and press play now!

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