[Episode 72] Want to be trending on Twitter for all the right reasons? Get the inside track on Twitter’s 2021 trends and latest features with TechPixie Marianne Avery ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 72] Want to be trending on Twitter for all the right reasons? Get the inside track on Twitter’s 2021 trends and latest features with TechPixie Marianne Avery

While we’ve all been distracted attempting to bust out some Reel-ly good moves and grooves on Insta or trying to nab ourselves an invite to Clubhouse, Twitter has been busying itself with the launch of a whole heap of new features. So many in fact that there’s a high chance you’ve missed the memo. But, don’t panic! You can put your FOMO back in its box, because we’ve called in the troops and are about to drop everything you need to know right into your lap (we can’t do it in 280 characters or less though, soz!).

Marianne Avery isn’t just a top Twitter talent, she’s one of our favourite TechPixies. And thanks to the launch of Socially Maz, her successful social media consultancy, she’s proof that if you apply what you learn from our training, all the good stuff is suddenly within reach (to be clear, we’re talking financial independence, smashing goals, etc, not just our new star-shaped highlighters = seriously good stuff! ⭐).

Marianne was an early adopter of Twitter (she sent her first Tweets back in 2009), so we’re using this week’s Sparkle and Thrive podcast to mine Marianne’s mind and tease out all the tantalising tidbits about Twitter’s recent feature fest.

Here’s why you need to tune in

So you want to Fleet your Tweet and find your Squad, right? Well, hoorah! Because Marianne is giving you a brief overview of all this and more in this week’s jam-packed episode. You’ll also want to tune in to follow Marianne’s four Bs for social media success, get the goss on the app everyone’s talking about (that’s Clubhouse, FYI), and hear Marianne’s top tips for prescheduling in Twitter 📅. She’s also offering you a handy cheat sheet to download – check out the form below.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[13:01] Hear why Twitter is still relevant in 2021 and why it’s great for customer service.

[17:13] Hear Marianne’s four Bs for social media success.

[18:16] Learn best practices for dealing with a customer who might be upset.

[20:48] Joy demos how Google pulls in your Tweets.

[22:23] Marianne reveals the two key things you should be focusing on in 2021 with your social media.

[23:23] Get the heads up on Squad, Spaces and Breaker.

[24:46] Learn Joy’s thoughts on shiny object syndrome.

[28:02] Get the goss on Clubhouse.

[30:33] Marianne reveals the deets on Twitter’s latest features.

[37:27] Hear Marianne’s suggestions for what you should be using on Twitter.

Press play now and don’t forget to fill out the form below to get hold of Marianne’s awesome cheat sheet.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Social listening – Talkwalker

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