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[Episode 7] The 10 Mistakes I See Social Media Managers Make (all the time!)

In this week’s Videocast/Podcast, I talk about the 10 Mistakes I see social media managers make (all the time!).

I often see 6 common Social Media Mistakes and 4 common Career Mistakes, so I’m addressing all 10 in this episode.

I didn’t have my glasses on (eek!) so I screwed up the order a little bit, but here is the summary:

1. They try to put links in an Instagram post – YOU CAN’T DO THIS!

2. They post portrait pictures on Twitter – YOU CAN DO THIS but you shouldn’t as it crops to landscape on a phone and most people use Twitter on a phone.

3. Using links that don’t scrape well and therefore look bad – if you don’t know what scraping is (and you are a social media manager) you should be in our Social Media Magic Course – that alone is worth the price of admission!

4. They aren’t leveraging video enough. If you want to know more about leveraging video, go check out my AllBright talk about the 5 things you can do to transform your social media presence:

5. Post too much third-party content. This is a great tactic in the early days, but not later when you are more established. I tell you why in the videocast/podcast.

6. They don’t focus on growth early enough.

7. The first career mistake I see is that social media managers are afraid to learn paid advertising – JUST DO IT!

8. They don’t charge what they are worth or they don’t know their value.

9. They don’t niche down and focus on genres and industries they know well and love.

AND 10. They don’t get their knowledge certified and they don’t continue their learning journey.

Don’t forget, you can listen on the podcast too! 👇