[Episode 66] Career-changer Charlotte English tells us about the incredible power of craft and the success she’s enjoying as a funky maker ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 66] Career-changer Charlotte English tells us about the incredible power of craft and the success she’s enjoying as a funky maker

You return to work after maternity leave, settle into the inevitable juggling act and then, boom! Redundancy. So, you decide it’s the perfect time to take a career break to raise your child. However, before you know it, the years have crept by, and you’re sat there wondering if your skills are even relevant in today’s working world (they absolutely are, FYI).

This is precisely the situation our guest on this week’s podcast found herself in. But, for Charlotte English of Funky Makers, she’s grabbed this ‘growth opportunity’ by the horns and has got stuck into something that lights her up: craft. Knitting, crochet, stitch art, papercraft, mending, and upcycling – you name it, Charlotte does it. And, what’s more, she loves sharing what she does with others. So much so, she’s launching online workshops in January (go, Charlotte! 🥳 💃).

Here’s why you need to tune in

This episode isn’t just a tale of one woman’s desire to turn her passion into a business. As Charlotte says, craft plays a vital role in society, yet we rarely appreciate just how powerful it can be. So, sit back and enjoy Charlotte’s tales about the group of dentists sent to sewing school and the plastic surgeon who needed the help of a craft glass manufacturer. Then remember that in this mighty age of technology, some traditions are worth preserving.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[02:51] Hear how Charlotte’s crafting journey got underway.

[04:06] Had a career break? Charlotte’s thoughts will resonate.

[06:17] Don’t think craft is important? This will change your mind.

[09:32] Hear why our mindset coaching rocks!

[12:19] Learn where Charlotte will be in 10 years.

[17:17] Discover why a plastic surgeon needed the help of a craft glass manufacturer.

[19:34] Thinking of joining TechPixies? Yay, we’d love to have you! Hear what Charlotte has to say about her experience.

[23:51] Joy reveals the importance of just showing up with this brilliant story.

And, if you’re looking for something to keep you amused over the holidays or want to give a last-minute present idea a whirl, check out Charlotte’s amazing Advent craft sessions on IGTV.

So, sit back with a glass of sherry and get stuck into this week’s episode. Press play now.

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