[Episode 62] Don’t let your age be a barrier to changing careers. Jane Sanger reveals how she followed her dream in her fifties ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 62] Don’t let your age be a barrier to changing careers. Jane Sanger reveals how she followed her dream in her fifties

Well, what do you know! Joy, our fabulous founder, can still surprise us. It turns out not only was Joy a member of the US Olympic archery team, but she’s also appeared in a commercial for the Asian Games (that’s one to see if you can find online!). And it seems screen time is something Joy shares in common with this week’s special guest on the Sparkle and Thrive podcast.

Jane Sanger is an award-winning filmmaker, director and writer who is currently working on a project that’s close to our hearts here at TechPixies HQ. Not least because it features the daughter of one of our very own TechPixies in the lead role, but also because TechPixies is an executive producer (whoop!). But before we reveal all, there’s the small matter of Jane’s career change to discuss.

Here’s why you need to tune in

If you’ve ever harboured a dream and thought, ‘well, I’m too old to do that’ or ‘I’ve missed the boat’, let’s just press mute on those pesky limiting beliefs, shall we! Because Jane is proof that you are never too old to make a career change and follow your passion. (Plus, you are never too old for anything YET, remember!).

At the age of 50, having raised five girls and enjoyed a successful career as a drama teacher, Jane pulled on her brave pants and made a short film called Blackberry Girl. Fast forward eight years and she’s living her dream life as an award-winning filmmaker whose work has been shown at festivals around the world (including Cannes, no less!).

But it is her current project – The Nightriders – that is the real subject of this week’s episode, and we’re hoping TechPixies everywhere will come out and support it. Touching on women’s empowerment, race and Barbary pirates in 18th-century Britain, this is a thrilling period drama that will feature one scene in particular that Jane is hoping to film in Cornwall. However, it requires donations to get it over the finishing line. So dig deep if you can and let’s help bring this project to our screens.

Press play on the episode now.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[01:54] Jane reveals her hopes of being an inspiration for anyone dreaming of starting afresh.

[04:15] Joy and Jane explain the link between TechPixies and Jane’s new period drama.

[04:50] Jane gives us a sneak peek into the story of The Nightriders.

[11:04] Jane describes what motivated her decision to change careers.

[14:15] Hear how social media has helped drive Jane’s filmmaking.

[16:43] Joy makes a surprise revelation about her past.

[19:49] For anyone considering a career change you’ll love Jane’s motivational message.

[21:17] Can you help Jane get the next scene for The Nightriders filmed?

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Jane’s first short film – Blackberry Girl

City, University of London – Short Courses

TechPixies training – Social Media Superhero Bootcamp

The NightridersDonation page

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