[Episode 59] Are you surviving or thriving? We bust some common money myths with author Sarah Townsend ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 59] Are you surviving or thriving? We bust some common money myths with author Sarah Townsend

Here’s the funny thing about being self-employed, particularly if you’re a freelancer. You finally don your brave pants and wave ‘ta-ta’ to full-time employment, your eyes firmly set on the prize of following your dream, only to find yourself at the mercy of a whole new set of necessary evils. Pitching for work and doing estimates, contracts, invoicing, accounting, sales, marketing, and tax returns… argh, it’s enough to make your brain explode! 🤯

On top of that, if you’re new to the self-employment game, you might be forgiven for wondering if you’ve suddenly morphed into a hamster on a wheel: make money, chase money, eat, sleep, repeat. ‘Where is the freedom in freelancing?’, you begin to wonder. But before you go and bang your head against the nearest wall, let us remind you that we TechPixies usually have a trick or two up our sleeve when an ANT (Automatic Negative Thought) needs squashing.

When we’re not posting GIFs of motivational penguins (actually a thing), we’re seeking out inspirational books for nuggets of wisdom. A recent favourite at TechPixies HQ has been Survival Skills for Freelancers by Sarah Townsend, a myth-busting guide that navigates the occasionally choppy waters of self-employment. We think of her book as a virtual hug from someone who has been at the coalface of freelance life for the past 21 years, so we were absolutely thrilled when Sarah agreed to come and join us for a chat on the Sparkle and Thrive podcast.

Here’s why you need to tune in

If you think you can’t afford to outsource all those jobs that have you tearing your hair out, Sarah’s answer will really cheer you up. You’ll also learn why you need to trust your instincts, particularly when it comes to pricing and new clients, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to raise your rates (it’s time to dust off those brave pants). By the end of the episode, you’ll even feel happier saying ‘no’ to clients (yep, Sarah’s advice is the best).

Here’s what to listen out for:

[03:41] Hear why Sarah’s myth-busting book should be your next Amazon purchase.

[08:03] Why you can and should outsource the jobs you hate.

[16:25] Learn about the Goldilocks Effect.

[17.36] Why you should know you’re worth and stick to your rates.

[19:00] If you’re working for free, follow Joy’s brilliant advice.

[25:34] Hear top tips on getting a contract in place.

[30:00] Learn why you shouldn’t fear putting up your prices.

[34:19] Don’t be afraid to want more.

While you press play on this awesome episode, we’re off to add to our collection of inspirational GIFs. Happy listening!

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Sarah’s book – Survival Skills for Freelancers

Jennifer Allwood – Fear is Not the Boss of You

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