[Episode 58] Is your pricing right? Janene Liston, aka The Pricing Lady, offers top tips on charging what you’re worth ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 58] Is your pricing right? Janene Liston, aka The Pricing Lady, offers top tips on charging what you’re worth

‘Come on down!’ ‘The price is right.’ Or is it?

Knowing what to charge your customers and how to price your products or services correctly is often one of the biggest hurdles facing many a TechPixie. It’s a struggle made worse by the fact that many of us sit down to talk about money, and just like a fickle cast member on Love Island, we immediately get ‘The Ick’ 😰.

But money shouldn’t be a dirty word, especially when it comes to business. In fact, if you want to charge what you’re worth, you need to make friends with money; you need to shake its metaphorical hand and invite it in for a G&T. Because you’ll never earn what you’re truly worth unless you recognise the value of money.

This is the message coming through loud and clear in this week’s awesome Sparkle and Thrive podcast episode. We’ve grabbed some time with a woman who knows so much about pricing she’s been dubbed ‘The Pricing Lady’ and wowzers, does she know her stuff! Tune in and we guarantee you’ll want to give Janene Liston a virtual high five.

Here’s why you need to tune in

This episode is for you if having a conversation about pricing with a customer brings you out in hives. This episode is also for you if the idea of putting up your prices sends you running for the hills. Because Janene is here to reassure you that getting your pricing right really isn’t that problematic, and she’ll reveal her ‘Show me the money’ matrix and her five steps to pricing success to prove it.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[04:51] Janene gives an example of why value pricing is so important.

[11:36 ] Hear why your value lies in your expertise and not the time you spend on a project.

[15:42] Janene describes her brilliant ‘Show me the money’ matrix.

[19:22] Hear Joy and Janene discuss the advantage of creating packages.

[24:26] Joy describes why you need to make friends with money.

[26:10] Janene highlights women’s relationship with money.

[32:31] Understand the benefit of ensuring money is one of your values.

[42:58] Janene outlines her five steps to pricing success.

We’re off to get utter a few positive money mantras while you press play on this week’s excellent episode. Enjoy!

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Kyle Cease – The Illusion of Money: Why Chasing Money is Stopping You From Receiving It

Eve Rodsky – Fair Play: Share the Mental Load, Rebalance Your Relationship and Transform Your Life

Money Habitudes – Cards and online resource

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