[Episode 53] How TechPixie Lynne Artus upskilled to pivot her career and transform her life in just one year ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 53] How TechPixie Lynne Artus upskilled to pivot her career and transform her life in just one year

Now, you might want to sit down in case this comes as a bit of a shock: TechPixies isn’t just about social media management (!!!). ‘But it’s a course about social media,’ we hear you cry. Well, yes it is, but our wonderful sparkly world full of stars and cat GIFs is about SO MUCH MORE than learning how to create an Insta grid to be proud of.

It goes without saying that what we do know about social media we’ll gladly share with you when you sign up to our 90-Day Transformational programme. Well even cheer you on as your career or business rockets into the stratosphere thanks to your newly acquired tech ninjary (ok, so this may/may not be a word). But as anyone who has been through our programme will tell you, becoming a TechPixie isn’t just about saying ‘hasta la vista’ to being a tech dinosaur.

We really do transform lives.

Take alumni Lynne Artus. She is the perfect example of a woman who loved her job but knew it just wasn’t working for her family (cue a lot of soul-searching followed by the heartbreaking decision to quit her role as a teaching assistant). And then, as so often happens when somebody needs us (it’s genuinely spooky), TechPixies came to the rescue! 🦸

In this excellent episode of the Sparkle and Thrive podcast, Lynne takes us through the journey that saw her pivot her career and transform her life in just one year. How did she do it? Well…

Here’s why you need to tune in

Lynne reveals how she went from being a social media spectator to a fully-fledged superstar and how her newfound confidence helped her land the job of her dreams. You’ll hear how she’s crushing it with top-ranking downloads for the content she’s creating and how she’s already had a pay rise. And you’ll learn why she no longer worries what others think of her CV. And it’s all because Lynne said yes to upskilling and investing in herself.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[01:45] Hear why Lynne needed to change things up.

[07:55] Learn how Lynne pivoted to her dream job.

[12:42] Hear how this newly confident TechPixie landed her new role.

[15:46] Understand the power of our life coaching.

[19:10] Overcoming imposter syndrome.

[21:22] Freeing yourself from an unwanted, undesired future.

[26:21] Lynne reveals how she reframed her perception of her CV.

[33:40] Hear what Lynne thinks of the investment she made in herself.

You see, not all roads at TechPixies lead to social media management. Which path will you take? Press play now and be inspired.

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