[Episode 48] Pulled on your brave pants yet? Anna Streule inspires us with brilliant stories of bravery in business ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 48] Pulled on your brave pants yet? Anna Streule inspires us with brilliant stories of bravery in business

When was the last time you felt brave? If it was signing up to our 90-Day transformational programme, we’re giving you a massive virtual high five (and a very warm welcome). If it was having that difficult conversation with your partner about the division of labour to achieve your dream, props to you. And if it was moving your business to the next level after years of plotting your master plan for world domination, please save us a glass of bubbles. 

The point is that acts of bravery don’t have to be on the scale of those undertaken by Harriet Tubman or Joan of Arc. In fact (you might want to sit down for this revelation), according to Anna Streule, this week’s queen of the Sparkle and Thrive Podcast, you can be ‘truly unremarkable’ and still carve a path to greatness (we know, right!). 

Here’s why you should tune in

Look, we’re not promising the yellow brick road will always be easy to navigate, but the important thing is that you take that first step. And this is very much Anna’s message in this week’s episode of our Be Brave and Sparkle series: you need to be brave. You need to pluck up the courage to say ‘yes’, then go and have a good rummage in your drawer for those brave pants (they’re in there somewhere), pull them firmly on and take a leap of faith. Once you do, you’ll find that those little acts of bravery lead to bigger acts of bravery, and before you know it you’ll be doing things you never thought possible. 

No, it’s no good arguing. Anna has Viking DNA (no wonder she’s so fearless!) and she’s an investor in TechPixies, so clearly knows a thing or two about making good business decisions. But, if you still need convincing that being brave is as simple as uttering that three-letter word, the stories she tells of the brilliant and courageous women she’s featured on her awesome podcast should provide all the encouragement you need. 

What are you waiting for? Press play now.

Here’s what to listen out for:

[03:34] Hear how Anna’s ‘unremarkable’ childhood set her free.

[05:29] Learn how bravery can help you find your sparkle.

[10:20] Hear how Anna put on her brave pants to launch her podcast. 

[12:55] Be inspired by the woman who launched a magazine in her fifties.

[14:47] Hear how one woman went from being a tax barrister to a fashion designer.

[16:08] Be awed by the tale of the quite incredible Vicki Anstey.

[20:06] Why you can go for your Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Anna’s podcast – Vogue and the Viking 

Rebecca Weef Smith – Goldie Magazine

Jacynth Bassett – The-Bias-Cut

Baz Moffat – Strong to the Core

Vicki Anstey – Barreworks

Connect with Anna
Instagram (Vogue and the Viking) | Instagram (Brave Starts) | LinkedIn

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