[Episode 44] How to feel the fear and do it anyway. Get started with your own podcast just like the awesome LaShelle Marlow ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 44] How to feel the fear and do it anyway. Get started with your own podcast just like the awesome LaShelle Marlow

Does the thought of starting your own podcast paralyse you with fear? Do you worry you’re a tech dinosaur? Well, TechPixie LaShelle Marlow was convinced she was exactly this person. But, with a little sprinkling of TechPixies’ magic, she felt the fear, waved it goodbye and launched her dream: a podcast that allowed her to connect with women just like her; women looking for nuggets of inspiration as they search for calm in the chaos.  

Here’s why you need to tune in
In this episode of our Sparkle and Thrive: Get Started series, LaShelle celebrates her birthday with us (this episode contains a must-hear birthday rap – you have been warned) and opens her heart to reveal what drove her to start her DaybyDay Insights podcast with her friend Funmi Onamusi. 

Funny, courageous and on a mission to pay it forward, we all need someone like LaShelle in our life. Her enthusiasm is infectious and it’s easy to see why her podcast – which she and Funmi created to feel like a chat with your best friend over coffee – is very much on the road to success. She believes that if she can start a podcast, anyone can. 

About to graduate from TechPixies’ Cohort 21 Social Media Magic Course, we learn how LaShelle slew her fear dragon with her newfound knowledge. We hear how this model student used TechPixies’ free podcast quick start guide to ‘Jackie Chan’ her imposter syndrome and kick her ANTs into the long grass.

And if you haven’t a clue what that means, don’t worry! It all becomes clear in this episode as our founder Joy Foster draws from the TechPixies’ dictionary to explain all. We also learn a little more from Joy about the ‘sunflower effect’ and ‘culture fit’ versus ‘culture add’, and we find out from LaShelle why being a mum to a NeuroExtraordinary child has proved such a motivator; she’s being the change she wants to see. 

Oh, and if you need any further reasons to tune in, did we mention this episode features a birthday rap? MC Foster is in the house! For this and more, press play now

Here’s what to listen out for:

[2.40] How LaShelle used the TechPixie’s podcast guide to help her get started. 

[4.34] LaShelle reveals the inspiration behind starting her podcast.

[14.48] Hear Joy talk about the sunflower effect and how it applies to the content you create.

[20.36] Learn about Danielle Leslie’s theory of ‘Culture Fit’ versus ‘Culture Add’.

[24.30] LaShelle chose to kick her ANTs into the long grass and we learn what these nasty little critters actually are. 

[36.30] Learn what LaShelle is up to now her podcast has launched and how she’s fighting to be her own cheerleader by ‘Jackie Chan-ing’ her self-limiting beliefs.

[47.28] Joy explains how you can face your fear and move through it. 

[53.12] Oh, my! It’s the birthday rap! 

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

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‘Detola Amure – Super Working Mum 

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