[Episode 42] Rick Mulready - Get Started with Facebook Ads ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 42] Rick Mulready – Get Started with Facebook Ads

Most successful businesses have many people who work behind the scenes to thank for their success. Today we get to meet one of the major superheroes behind TechPixies most recent success in which we upskilled over 1000 women through our free training programme. That superhero is Rick Mulready.
TechPixies began to enjoy a new level of success after founder Joy Foster started applying list building techniques she learned from Amy Porterfield combined with Facebook and Instagram ads techniques she learned from Rick.

But let’s be honest here… Rick didn’t actually run the ads for Joy, he TAUGHT her how to run them for herself.
So why is Rick a superhero? He believed Joy could do the ads before Joy believed she could do them. In fact, Joy was so scared of doing Facebook and Instagram ads that she tried to hire someone else to do them and it is fair to say, the business at that time wasn’t ready for a 3rd party ads manager. 

In this conversation Rick breaks down why Facebook Ads are important and why often times, the business owner is best placed to learn how to do them (and should learn how to do them!).
How does Rick feel about doing online advertising and why is it so important to do?

“I’ve been doing online advertising now for 20 years – Facebook ads for 10 years. So it just comes easy to me, because of my background, because of my interest in it. I just love it. it’s a puzzle that we have to be patient with. And we’re trying to put the puzzle pieces together to reach the people that we want to be able to help through our advertising because if we’re not able to get in front of them were not able to help them.”

If you also want to take your Facebook ads to next level success and find people who need your products and services then why not sign up for Rick Mulready’s Facebook and Instagram Masterclass here

…or if it’s list building techniques with Amy Porterfield you’re after, head over here

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