[Episode 41] Why is it important to talk about money, innovation and GIRL power? Yinka Ewuola, co-founder of UK Black Tech sets the record straight in this incredibly moving interview.

Wearing more two hats, Yinka also founded Calla Success Systems, where she helps women build thriving and profitable businesses whilst having fun, fabulous, inspiring and nourishing lives. Sound familiar?!?! There are a lot of parallels between TechPixies and Calla Success Systems which is why we thought Yinka would be a perfect fit for the podcast.

In recent months the world has been reminded that we need to educate ourselves about the struggle of ALL women, from all backgrounds getting into tech and setting up successful businesses. While we acknowledge there is still much left to accomplish, at TechPixies, we are committed to change and we hope you’ll join us on this mission! The past 3 episodes have been dedicated to equality, diversity, and inclusion in tech.

Yinka explains why, when she founded UK Black Tech that it wasn’t about diversity and inclusion, but rather about innovation. She says “innovation is about doing new things, it is about doing the things that we do better, solving big problems. It’s about being focused and really excited about creating a better world. New and different cannot happen with the same old thinking, and the fact that the same old thinking comes from the same ideas, the same sources, and we’ve had this long tradition of always going to the same places. And the idea of going to the same places for different answers, is the definition of insanity. And so one of the reasons why it matters and why it is so important in terms of UK Black Tech is because diversity, through innovation creates a better world for everybody. And this isn’t just about making things better for a specific or small group of people, the fact is that all the studies show that diversity in board positions in tech companies, in diverse companies, make better products, they are more profitable. They solve better problems. And so, it matters for every reason, it matters is because it matters for us all.”

Watch the video or listen to the podcast to find out about the five pillars of UK Black Tech’s 100 year plan. Where do you fit in? How will you contribute towards positive change?

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