[Episode 40] The universe knows 🪐✨what your intentions are! A conversation about women in tech and networking with Rachel Miller, founder of Bold and Savvy

I can hardly believe we’re at episode 40 on the Sparkle and Thrive Podcast already and hit a milestone 7,000 downloads! A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone from our TechPixie tribe and to all our regular podcast listeners who keep us going! We make it for you because we believe so strongly in the power of community.

In light of this, we have a very fitting guest on the podcast today. Rachel Miller, founder of the Bold & Savvy network, is a total superstar when it comes to community and networking as illustrated perfectly in this livecast / podcast. She is also a champion of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Among other things, I speak to Rachel about getting involved in helping TechPixies become more diverse. Rachel’s response: “Definitely! Definitely! I’m always happy to help. Do you know what? Wherever you can collaborate with people, you’ve got to look for those opportunities, whether it’s for a day, a month, a year, whatever it is!” What a perfect example of how it is never too late to forge new collaborations. I hope you enjoy this livecast / podcast as much as I did.

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