[Episode 36] Why Values Matter - a conversation with Mike Jennings, author of VALUABLE ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 36] Why Values Matter – a conversation with Mike Jennings, author of VALUABLE

Mike Jennings is our guest on Sparkle & Thrive podcast today. Oh boy, is he worth listening to! ‘How refreshing this guy is’ was one of the comments pulled from the livecast, and we couldn’t agree more.

This month is our ‘Return to Work’ series and Mike is all about teaching you how to put values into the heart of your business. Mike’s book ‘Valuable: How a Values Enabled culture can inspire you to sustainable profit‘ gives you a practical actionable approach suitable for you whatever your business.

Mike says: “give you and your team permission to be yourself in your business because otherwise, we get the hang-ups around -We’ve got to make money, we’ve got to keep costs down. And this has got to happen, it’s more about what other people will think of you than what you really want to do.

So you put it all to one side and focus on what are we all here together trying to do.

I always divide business’ into the three sectors of what you do. And then the more important thing of why you do it, and then the even more important thing of how you do it.

…and in my view that ‘what’ can change but the why and the how is what I would call purpose… and in this the purpose which drives you because that’s what creates the motivation for you, but also for all the people who get on board with you, not just your team but your customers as well.

To find out more, watch the livecast or listen in full!

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*Correction: Around 41 minutes in, Mike says 97% of businesses employ less than 10,000, he meant less then 10

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