[Episode 34] Alternative Ageing = Positive Ageing: A conversation with Instaglam star Suzi Grant on busting the myth of Ageism

We have been spoilt rotten today with such a refreshing interview with Suzi Grant of Alternative Ageing. We are not kidding when we say she is a BIG DEAL and we have all been so excited for this for many weeks! Suzi has been featured by BBC News, The Telegraph, Daily Mail and Marie Claire UK… to name but a few!

Its easy to see why Suzi has done well on Social Media she is very likeable. In response to the comment “I want to be just like you!” Suzi says:

“Half of my over 30k following is under 35 years of age …and my greatest Joy, apart from inspiring women over 50 (which is my mission) -is to hear from a youngster saying I want to be like you when I grow up!”

Try not to ‘whoop’ too loudly during this livecast/podcast! It’s dangerously inspirational! Suzi says of her mission in life:

“Rid the world of ageism and stop offering me Anti-ageing products! We’re ANTI-war, we’re ANTI-poverty, we’re ANTI-cruelty, we’re ANTI-coronavirus. Why the hell should we be ANTI-Ageing!”

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