[Episode 30] Kate Christie on how time management equals mind management

In this episode TechPixies founder, Joy Foster, is speaking with Kate Christie on a topic we can all relate to -time management. “Time management is mind management” and revolves around setting goals and having the right mindset.

According to Parkinson’s law “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. At home, professionally, or whatever the task may be. This livecast and podcast explore the mindset around ‘time’. At home, Kate says “Family is a team sport and you’re the captain.” She recommends setting goals ‘ in the moment’ and celebrate small achievements!

She champions good decisions made ONCE, good habits and a change in attitude towards time. For example, if TechPixies founder, Joy Foster, spends roughly 12 minutes per day organising her ‘floordrobe’… How many hours in a year will she waste?!

Kate’s new book ‘Me First: The Guilt-free guide to prioritising your life “is for every time-poor working mum who has had enough of the juggle. It’s time to start putting yourself first. It’s time to be a little less self-less.”

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