[Episode 27] Thriving in Freelance with expert, Dave Smyth, founder of Worknotes

*This episode was recorded pre-Coronavirus. Although still full of relevant information for freelancers, it is important to note that going forward it is an issue that we will be addressing and acknowledging, where relevant.

In this episode TechPixies founder, Joy Foster is in conversation with, Dave Smyth, founder of Work Notes (@_worknotes) Dave has been freelancing for 10 years and is an expert on the statistics of freelancing.
Work Notes is a collection of articles written that explore freelance and self-employment topics like money, contracts, clients and well-being.

It’s where Dave shares and documents his real-life freelance experiences.

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If there’s a topic you’d like Dave to write about or a useful resource you think should be included, email him: dave@worknotes.co.uk.

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