[Episode 26] What can LinkedIn do for you? A conversation with Laura Fox, one of LinkedIn's first UK employees ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 26] What can LinkedIn do for you? A conversation with Laura Fox, one of LinkedIn’s first UK employees

Founded December 2002, LinkedIn is a professional platform. It was designed for business’s to talk to each other and network  with each other. Users can seek jobs, post CVs and get noticed through posting relevant content in their field.  Likewise, companies can attract talent and talk to other experts in their arena.

Many people dismiss or are confused by the benefits of LinkedIn. In this episode Joy interviews, Laura Fox, who is passionate  about helping women to leverage LinkedIn, (in particular women who want to return to work.) Laura claims “People think it’s complicated and it’s not!”

Laura, was one of the first employees at LinkedIn in the United Kingdom  and worked her way up to lead one of their U.K. sales teams. She was always a keen supporter of the network. She says “LinkedIn was the only one changing the recruitment landscape, with no other innovations in that space…” and so she made herself known at networking events!

In this episode you will learn all about what makes you stand out from the crowd! If you’ve dismissed LinkedIn in the past, this episode is for you. You will be inspired to create the perfect profile and use the network professionally.

 How good will it feel when you’re using LinkedIn like a pro?! 

Want to connect with Laura? Guess where you can?!? LinkedIn of course – here’s a link to her profile.

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