[Episode 24] Is Twitter still relevant? ⋆ TechPixies

[Episode 24] Is Twitter still relevant?

Ask anyone their thoughts and opinions on Twitter and you’ll probably get a mixed response. There are those users with a multitude of followers, connecting with people and successfully sharing their thoughts with a large audience and ‘micro-blogging’ like a pro!

Then, on the other hand, there are users who feel like they’re tweeting themselves, who aren’t getting engagement and the network isn’t selling their product or service. They feel like they’re wasting time and of course ⏰=💰

You can read many reports 📰 suggesting that Twitter is declining in its relevance for users, due to disappointing user growth and a drop in timeline views. Many companies debate whether or not to market to Twitter at all!

A common problem for Social Media networks comes with the growth of advertising, which leads to a seemingly never ending stream of spam on your timeline -This is a real turn off  for Social Media users!

-but what are the benefits?

✔️You can build relationships with certified experts in your field
✔️Reach a large audience quickly through tweets and retweets
✔️Easily promote your blog posts
✔️Keep informed with what is trending right now
✔️Reach new audiences; get feedback; folllow relevant discussions (or a conference you couldn’t attend).

These are all very valid reasons to stay!

So, should digital marketers consider removing Twitter from their social media strategy? TechPixies founder, Joy Foster, talks in depth about this issue, in this thought provoking episode with TechPixie, Rachel May, Social Media Manager for Proviz Sports.

So find out more today! Don’t forget, you can listen on the podcast too! (apologies for Joy’s sound quality! The microphone wasn’t working properly)

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