Lois Lelland on achieving her dream of making music, making money, and being visible online|E219 ⋆ TechPixies

Lois Lelland on achieving her dream of making music, making money, and being visible online|E219

How do you make money doing something you love? Especially if you’re in an industry in which supposedly ‘only the lucky few’ make the £££. 💰

This was one question Lois Lelland was grappling with when she arrived at TechPixies. But having just recorded and mixed her debut EP, she was also struggling to know how to share it with the world. 

She thought social media might be the answer, but there was just one problem. 

Lois’s invisibility cloak was well and truly on, and she felt super uncomfortable putting herself online. And like many women, she’d unwittingly popped a few subconscious blocks around making money and feeling worthy of earning it in her way.

But after doing our social media training, Money Mindset Masterclass, and our DreamBuilder® Program, Lois:

☑️ Released her EP

☑️ Discovered how to make money from music

☑️ Learnt how to use social media to promote it 

She’s pursued her dream, achieved it, and is now onto the next one.  

Here’s why you need to tune in

If you’ve got a dream that you want to pursue and want to know how to achieve it, you’ll love what Lois has to say in this episode. You’ll discover how she changed the narrative she had about money, how Lois got comfortable with social media, and the 3 pillar system she uses to share her content. And you’ll hear why, having achieved one dream, Lois now knows she has a repeatable system she can use to realise the next. 

Here’s what to listen out for:

[00:49] How Lois felt about social media might sound familiar.

[02:00] How did Lois find her confidence on social media? 

[04:48] There is a reason why your vision or dream is not happening. 

[07:24] How Lois makes money from music.

[09:22] How Lois got over her fear of being online.  

[10:55] Learn more about Lois’s system for getting content out on social media.

[12:38] Why Lois is getting crystal clear and super specific on her vision.

[16:27] Do what you can with what you have with where you’re at.

Lois is super keen to hear your thoughts on Sepia, her EP, so hit download on Bandcamp, Apple Music or Spotify and then DM Lois on Instagram. Even better, use the tracks from the EP in your social media posts and Reels and then share them with Lois. 

Enjoy the episode! ▶️▶️▶️

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