Wonderful winter walks in Dorset with mapmaker Catherine Speakman|E218 ⋆ TechPixies

Wonderful winter walks in Dorset with mapmaker Catherine Speakman|E218

Doing something you love and getting paid for it – it’s the dream, isn’t it? 

Catherine Speakman has taken her passion for the hidden corners of her home county of Dorset and her skill as a mapmaker (honed after working as a cartographer for the Ministry of Defence) and has, quite organically, grown a brilliant business.

So whether you’re an avid rambler or someone who doesn’t know their moor from their tor, Catherine’s knowledge and storytelling bring the landscape she loves to life. In fact, if you’re fed up with hibernating in your Slanket and crave the fresh air of the outdoors, Catherine’s walks and bike rides offer the perfect excuse to get out and about this winter. 🚶🏽‍♀️🚴🏽

Here’s why you need to tune in

Keen for people to explore more than just the iconic Durdle Door, Catherine reveals her favourite Dorset wonders and wanders, including a 3,000-year-old yew tree that is possibly the oldest in the county. Learn more about Catherine’s membership model and how she feels about people who’ve copied her work. And hear her plans for 2024 and why she’s on a mission to boost the local economy by helping people support artisan businesses and watering holes on their strolls. 

Here’s what to listen out for:

[01:04] How Catherine made her passion her business.

[05:44] How does Catherine make money?

[08:41] Learn more about Catherine’s fab idea for 2024.

[13:26] You’ll love this reframe if you discover your work is being copied.

[17:07] Why you should enter awards (as long as they’re not paid for!).

[24:12] What are some of Catherine’s favourite walks in Dorset? 

[34:46] AI can’t do what Catherine can do.

Catherine puts a whole heap of research into her walks, creating easy-to-read maps that lead to places full of history and hidden gems. So head to Dorset this winter (we know someone with a campervan you can hire!) and make memories to last a lifetime. 

Enjoy the episode! 

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