A story of resilience and surviving someone else’s dream with Suzanne Heywood, author of Wavewalker: Breaking Free|E208 ⋆ TechPixies

A story of resilience and surviving someone else’s dream with Suzanne Heywood, author of Wavewalker: Breaking Free|E208

Imagine as a seven-year-old waving goodbye to everything you knew – your friends, your toys, your dog, your education – to set sail in a wooden schooner on the pretence of recreating a voyage undertaken by Captain James Cook. 

Life at sea might initially sound exciting, exhilarating even. But a dream can quickly become a nightmare when it involves the jeopardy of sailing west to east across the Southern Atlantic and Indian Oceans. 

Suzanne Heywood’s childhood wasn’t just extraordinary, it was extraordinarily traumatic. And leafing through the pages of her latest book, Wavewalker: Breaking Free, it’s as if you’re reliving it all with her.

Here’s why you should tune in

This is the story of one child’s fight for her education and her future, of being severely injured in a shipwreck in the Indian Ocean, of being abandoned in New Zealand, of getting accepted to Oxford University, and finally breaking free. With thoughts on parenting, resilience and what her childhood experiences have taught her, this is an episode for anyone needing a reminder to keep going. 💪🏾

Here’s what to listen out for:

[03:08] Discover what happens when Suzanne sets sail at the age of 7.

[09:24] Suzanne’s family voyage turns treacherous. 

[18:24] Suzanne unpicks why she couldn’t tell someone about her situation.

[23:33] Hear how Suzanne makes a bid for freedom through her education. 

[33:10] How Suzanne felt about being back in the UK and her thoughts on parenting.

[40:20] What have her experiences taught Suzanne. 

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